Social interaction is completely changing reality and the way we speak, interact, and share with our peers. Not only that, but social media is also revolutionizing many different areas in the business sector that one would not dream of. They are affecting everything we do and especially everyone with a connection.

Not only that, many companies and businesses, whether tech and online or not, are slowly realizing just how powerful this social interaction can be. Only a quick email or blog post could completely destroy a brand's reputation in seconds. The opposite also is true. Social tools can be used for better or for worse.

Following that line of thinking, many companies are building around these social media tools. One of the best examples is provided by a company called Zynga. This company has built many and now famous online games like MafiaWars, FarmVille and many other home building games. EA was not far behind with one of its best-selling games, "The Sims".

Don't take it lightly - social tools and websites will completely revolutionize the way we interact and talk to our peers. You are no longer alone in whatever you have to do. Imagine every time you have to accomplish something and just wish you had someone to share your recently acquired doubts and knowledge with. Now all of this is possible.

I was quite surprised when I saw the other day that the most profitable and downloaded application for iPhone in 2009, was a small application provided by Electronic Arts around its famous game, "The Sims 3". This shows how much interaction and how much difference social tools are making for people and companies.

Another surprise came to me when I read that Zynga, a small startup that had its first client around 2005, just five years ago, already outperformed Electronic Arts in market value. Electronic Arts has been building games for many years, and yet such is the power of social tools that Zynga was able to overcome Rede Social.

Don't think that you will be able to stay out of social media tools for a long time. You start using it immediately or you will be forced to adapt to it later. Use house building games, for example, to help you build a brand around your business and also use it as a marketing strategy tool.

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Don't think that you will be able to stay out of social media tools for a long time.