Workforce of an organization plays an important role in its success; therefore, training sessions are often organized to increase the performance of the employees and to keep them up to date with the new development in the market. Class room based training requires making all the arrangements from scratch, whereas, off-the-job training process requires employees to take a break from their daily schedule. As these largely affects the working schedule of the company and the results are also not very convincing, companies have long been searching for an alternative to these training process. Moreover, these conventional methods of training lacks collaborative learning; something which helps employees a lot in learning and understanding.

The development in technology has brought a new method of learning known as e-learning. E-learning changed the entire process of training with a large number of interactive tools which include audio visual aids, learning games, graphics and many more such things. These interactive learning tools not only help employees to understand the training module in a better way but also encourage their participation in the process. Moreover, as the ideas and views are exchanged during the learning process, it results in better grasp of the content matter.

There are a large number of companies engaged in providing online training and e-learning solution. These companies develop content matter for the training module as per the specific needs of the company availing their services. Moreover, they also modify the content matter from time to time as the business environment is changing at a very fast rate.

A very important benefit of e-learning is that the content module can be accessed from any where around the world. Moreover, as they can be integrated with games and social media, the learning process becomes very easy. As social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have integrated e-learning content module, users can easily access these contents and learn through them. Social learning has become very popular among people as they are an efficient and easy method of learning while enjoying the fun on the social networking sites.

The methods of learning through social networking sites have a large number of benefits. Online learning being beyond geographical barriers, a large number of people can be trained at the same time irrespective of their location. On the other hand, trainer also doesn't have to manage long assignment sheets. Moreover, scalability also proves to be a big problem for small companies; however, online training modules can be extended with the growth of the firm. Therefore, social learning and online training have solved a largenumber of issues and are helping people to learn effectively.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes Collaborative learning, Interactive learning and other Learning & Development matters such as social learning.