A social learning platform can be developed by creating diverse applications for use on social networking sites. Corporate companies of today have a fan page of their own on Facebook. These organizations, by using the services of e-learning companies, can build tools that can allow learners to complete a variety of courses, such as soft-skills training and personality development.

The above mentioned facilities can be provided through a learning management system (LMS), that can be used not just for organizations, but also for personal development. Cookery and dance are some of the diverse courses that can be provided through social networking. Users have the facility to choose what they like, get access and enjoy the benefits of a completely new learning system. They can also like a particular course and recommend it to their friends. In this fashion, a community of like-minded learners is created.

Such interesting philosophies with regards to e-learning are finding many takers in the corporate world, and are showing successful results over a period of time. Social learning enables learners to share their ideas and interact on a common social platform. Using this platform, it is also possible for them to organize discussions and collaborate with each other for future projects. Through the LMS, it is also possible to generate different kinds of reports- as per department or course. It can also be utilized to monitor the progress of learners with respect to each other, on the basis of their interactions. Learners can be updated about upcoming courses as well as courses for which they have been shortlisted.

For maintaining a competitive edge, it is important that employees of an organization are constantly updated of market developments, which can be achieved through e-learning solutions. But it is also equally important to justify the costs associated with this form, which leads to the area of e-learning offshoring.

Though outsourcing is a preferred option for saving costs, the job of designing training content can only be given to trusted outsourcing companies. Certain quality standards would be expected, and it is necessary that the outsourcing company meets these standards. Offshoring, apart from saving costs, also helps to meet business objectives within the specified time period.

When a company outsources content to a specific e-learning solutions provider, it allows greater control over major issues such as employee retention and attrition rate. Outsourcing companies would also ensure that as per contract/agreement, confidentiality of information is maintained between the parties.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes Social learning,learning management system and other Learning & Development matters.