If we talk about the definition of Digital marketing, it can be termed as a marketing of products and services or brands through various modes of electronic media like TV, radio, the internet, social media, electronic billboard etc. Still, the main purpose of digital media is the promotion of brands, building inclination and sales growth through various digital marketing techniques and strategies. In addition to traditional TV and radio, Digital marketing utilizes the power of internet as a main mode of promotion.

Digital marketing activities comprises of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization and any other type of digital media. Digital marketing mostly rely on utilizing digital modes to promote or market products and services to end users. Digital marketing got various other names like online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.

Role of Social media in Digital marketing
Social media is the compilation of various online communication channels that allows people from every walks to create share and exchange information with people they know or don’t know. This accommodates them to create and build relationships, communities online. Social media includes various social media sites like face book, twitter, Google +, LinkedIn etc. The businesses and brands get an opportunity to connect with their potential customers and vice versa. Social media can also act as word of mouth marketing.

The Role of Social media can further be defined in the following aspects:

1.You can reach up to your potential customers and market right away- With the help of social networking sites, you can get in touch directly with your existing and potential customer base. You can read and check their face book status updates and tweets to get a sneak peek into their daily routines. This way, you can manage your marketing strategy in a better manner.

2.Prompt response to any potential issue or query- You can get a direct access to positive or negative feedback which has been posted online and this will further help you in making a combating strategy for the same. You can check if there’s any issue in your product and service by checking down the response from the tweets and posts from people online and give a prompt reply to the same accordingly.

3.Brand recognition along with growth in sales

While your products and services would be easily accessible to all your potential customers,you will get instant recognition amongst them without spending any extra penny.moreover,the same would ultimately bring more customers onboard and will definitely act in boosting the overall sales for the firm.

4.Better customer Insights

The Companies would get to know their customers better and would make them go through their taste. This would then enable the brands to create better strategies and tactics in order to attract them more potential customers towards their business and brand.
You can’t think digital marketing without social media. Social media can strengthen many potential marketing goals using several tactics. Through social media, you can simply acquire new clients also.

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