Nowadays, it is not uncommon for someone to come across a ‘model’ online, and there are a number of different platforms where they can be found. And while some of these models typically keep most of their closes on, there are others who typically keep most of their clothes off.

Along with this, there will be some models that do this for a living; while there will be others that don’t. If a model does, they might make most of their money sharing pictures of themselves holding, or wearing, different products.

Another Way

Promoting different products is then going to be a way for them to make a fair amount of money. Some of the people who follow them may also send them money directly, even though they may get very little in return.

It is not going to be enough for someone like this to simply ‘like’ or comment on their pictures; they will need to do more. They may believe that doing this will allow them to actually get their hands on the person in the pictures.

Two Experiences

It could be said that, in general, there will be two types of people who follow these models. The first type will be the aforementioned person who, basically, wants to get their hands on the model that they follow.

That is probably putting it mildly as it is highly likely that they would like to do far more than get their hands involved. And, perhaps, there are some models out there who will allow someone to do to just that if a certain amount of money is put forward.

The Other

A model like this can then create the impression that what she does funds her extravagant lifestyle, but this will be nothing more than an illusion. Out of the need to maintain a certain image and to maintain their own sanity, this part of their life will be kept hidden.

When it comes to the second type of person, this can be someone who would like to be the model that they follow. In their eyes, the model can appear to have it all and will, therefore, be seen as a role model.

The Ideal

Someone like this may follow a model that has a muscular physique, for instance, with them wanting to have the same type of body. Or, they may follow a model that has a very big behind.

Having a muscular physique might not appeal to them, but having a bigger behind certainly will. Maybe, they believe that once they have a bigger behind, they will finally feel good about themselves and/or find their ideal partner.

On A Pedestal

Nonetheless, irrespective of whether someone wants to have their way or to have a similar body to a model, they can still end up putting this person on a pedestal. So, while the model will simply be another human being, it can be as though they are from another planet.

Now, while the model they follow can have a strong sense of who they are, be secure and live a good life, there is also the chance that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The life that this person presents to the world, then, may have very little to do with what their life is actually like.

Stuck On a Treadmill

The model may have a good physique and have plenty of followers, yet deep down they may feel as though they are not good enough. Therefore, no matter what their body looks like or how many followers they have, the hole within them won’t be filled.

Receiving lots of comments and ‘likes’ may help to keep this feeling, and the thoughts that go with it, at bay, but what they won’t do is eradicate what is taking place deep within them. They will then have the need to maintain the image that they have created in order to hold onto all their followers.

A Burden

The fact that they have to create a certain image online is likely to add even more weight to that idea that who they are is not enough. Who they really are, their true-self, is going to be kept hidden.

The positive feedback that these people give them will be for the image they present, not for who they really are. It will relate to one part of them, with this being a part that has most likely been heavily edited.

Extreme Measures

If a model has a big behind, for instance, there is the chance that this is the result of lifting heavy weights. Then again, what this could show is that their body is only this shape because they ended up having surgery.

If this is so, it could mean that their behind is way out of proportion, setting them up to have a figure that looks more like the figure of a cartoon character, such as Jessica rabbit. What this could show is that this model is carrying a lot of shame, which is why she has the need to have the ‘perfect’ figure.


When someone is carrying a lot of shame and ends up feeling flawed, it can be normal for them to do everything they can to look perfect. Due to how they feel and what they believe, there will only be two options: being perfect or being imperfect.

The changes that they make to their body are then going to be a way for them to try to change what is taking place within them. The trouble is that unless they deal with their inner wounds, what they do to their body is unlikely to have a lasting effect.


If someone can see that they are carrying a lot of pain, and they want to work through it, they may need to reach out for external support. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer, for instance.

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