Social Media becomes a savior for the underdogs Social media indeed can turn around a tough situation and give certain outrageous but unexpected outcomes. Social media experts all over the globe give the example of Middle Eastern usage of Twitter and Facebook during the times of hardships.

Another story or rather a report has highlighted the role of gcc media and social media as a savior in the US for the unsung NBA players as the big names are not even present there to reply to their fans and by which in turn they are losing out on popularity.

With the NBA playoffs in full swing in America it's no wonder tweet streams are filling up with team spirit. A new gcc news and social media report, however, indicates tried-and-true basketball favorites are falling a little behind - at least where social media is concerned.

No, these teams and their fans aren't ignoring social media, but the report from Unmetric indicates fans of teams less well known than the LA Lakers, for example, are a bit more boisterous throughout the Middle East Business News space. That, of course, is giving those lesser known teams a bit more buzz.

"The NBA playoffs are a prime example of the American competitive spirit, not just for the teams and players, but also for the fans. The Unmetric NBA Playoffs report provides a first look at social media benchmarks and reveals how in the face of competition, brands adapt varying techniques to reach out to their fans and followers," said Lux Narayan, Unmetric CEO. "There's always a Kobe vs. LeBron story, or the fans who claim they root for the underdog. This report looks deep inside the social media efforts of all these participants to truly understand the interaction between champions and fans."

According to the Middle East marketing news report the top socially-active teams include the Lakers, the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. But the fastest growing teams include the LA Clippers - yes, the other Los Angeles team - the Oklahoma City Thunder and fan-favorite New York Knicks. However, while fans may be trying to engage - like, mention and 'chat' - with their teams through Facebook and Twitter, some teams are non-responsive.

The Boston Celtics, for example, were found to reply to 0% of tweets and mentions by fans while fans of the Denver Nuggets are replied to/engaged with within 5 seconds on average. Other interesting findings include:

•It takes more than 3 minutes for the Indiana Pacers to respond to social media and experiential marketing comments/chatter
•The San Antonio Spurs reply to fans within 10 seconds
•The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have the most fan interaction scores within Umetric
•The Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic have the lowest fan interaction scores within Unmetric

The OKC Thunder and Miami Heat continue their battle to become NBA Champions this weekend; likely that winner will get a big buzz through Middle East media events. Hopefully the teams will respond to the fans calling their name.

Is not retorting to the real time feedback from the fans can bring down a team hugely..? A question not only to NBA in USA but to all the sportsmen in the world!

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