If one was to think about someone who they talk to on social media, a number of different associations may come to mind. For example, they could think about how they care about the planet, or that they are very knowledge when it comes to a certain area, for instance.

There is also chance that this is someone who they regularly meet up with in the real world, and so their assessment won’t be only based on the kind of things they share online. How this person comes across online is then going to be no different to what they are like offline.

Another Experience

In addition to this, one could talk to a number of people on social media who they haven’t met for a long time. Even so, how they come cross online could be seen as what they are like in person.

This could also apply to the people who they don’t talk to, and this could mean that one just pays attention to the kinds of things they share. What these people share is likely to have influenced how they see them.

The Only Part

It is then not going to matter what these people are like in person; the only thing that will matter is how they come across online. Now, there is the chance that they will come across in the same way if they were to meet them in person.

The amount of time that has passed since they last saw them is not going to have an effect, as one will know what they are like. Through paying attention to what they share online, it will have stopped them from being out of touch with them.


If they didn’t use social media, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to know what these people are like. Of course, there is always the chance that they won’t change as the years go by, and this is then not going to matter.

But, if they were to change and one was to meet them after so many years have passed, it could be like they were meeting people who they have never met before. The idea they had in their head would not have matched up with what they are like.

A Mismatch

However, while this is something that can take place when one doesn’t use social media, it can also occur if they do. In this case, one could find that how someone comes across in the real world doesn’t match up with what they are like online.

If one was to spend a lot of time around them in the real world, they could be surprised by how they come across on social media. Yet, if they were to spend less time around them and more time online, how they behave in the real world could then be what shocks them.

A Regular Occurrence

Nevertheless, there could be a number of people who one is ‘friends’ with who they haven’t even met before. The way they perceive these people could be in line with what they are like, but it might not be.

Simply paying attention to what they say and what they share is not going to allow them to realise if it is. The only way they will be able to find out is if they were to meet them in person.


Through meeting them in the real world, one could gradually begin to find out that their online identity is a true reflection of what they are like. Alternatively, one could believe that it is even though there is no real evidence to support this outlook.

What this can come down to is that if one is caught up with what they are like online, it can stop them from being able to see what they are really like. Along with this, how they respond to them will also play a part.


Without realising it, one can end up behaving in a way that will encourage the other person to behave in a certain way. This can then result in the other person behaving how one would expect them to.

Or, if they were to experience something that goes against what they believe, they could just dismiss it. This shows how much control one’s mind has when it comes to how they experience life.


With this in mind, one could start to think about how they could use social media to influence how people see them. When this is done in the right way, it can have a positive effect on their life.

Not only can they use this to shape their image, they can also use it to give people an idea of what is important to them. Ergo, when someone does come into contact with them in the real world, there will be no reason for them to be short of things to talk to them about.


But with that aside, it could be said that unless one regularly meets someone in the real world, it might be a good idea for them to make sure they don’t get too caught up in how they come across online. This can allow them to keep an open mind, and they will be less likely to project the other person online identity onto them if they do meet them.

What also needs to be kept in mind is that it is going to be normal for someone to only share their best side online, and to keep the other parts of them hidden. When this takes place, one’s idea of them is going to be out of balance.

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