Today I want to present 12 Social Networks in which you can develop your marketing strategy for your company and where you can spread your content and strengthen the branding of your company.

The strategic use of Social Networks can also help you improve your search engine positioning, create an active community around your products and help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Social Media Marketing: SMM

2 16My purpose today is to share with you a series of tips and advice about how you can develop and improve Online Marketing or CPA Marketing through Social Networks in an effective and strategic way for your company.

The practice and experience that the Marketing and Social Media Plans give us for companies that we have created specifically for each one of them; and above all, the editions of our CM Classroom courses and our Online Marketing Master have allowed me to develop these key points and strategies through the main Social Networks.

This post does not try to find the formula of a generic Marketing Plan to implement it automatically in your company. Quite the opposite, in this post I will give you tips and advice so you can find the most appropriate channels for your audience and the most appropriate to distribute your Content Marketing. From there, the idea is that you can adapt and develop your strategy according to your goals, your audience and the products offered by your brand.

The starting point of Content Marketing

Before starting a Marketing Plan through Social Networks it is necessary that your brand has a blog; a platform where you can create your own, useful and valuable content for your audience.

The blog should be the starting point of your Online Marketing so that through it you can create content of value related to the needs of your audience, the most frequent searches around your sector and the keywords that will help you position in search engines. It would be unproductive for your company to create profiles in the different Social Networks if it does not have a content of its own value to disseminate in them. What would you spread in them? Only commercial content? Contents of other brands?

You can read more about Good content at Tuneuptrends. Good content in your blog will help you improve, to meet your goals of attracting followers, dissemination, and recommendation through social channels. A good blog helps you increase the number of visits to your website and improve the branding of your brand through the dissemination of your content on Social Networks.

"Content marketing through the blog helps you to position and improve the branding of your brand"

One of the biggest mistakes that some companies make is that they only use Social Networks to replicate the commercial content they do offline, as they do in traditional Marketing. This strategy is very unfortunate because you would bore the audience, since users who are in social networks, usually have a different attitude than they can have when they use search engines. For Online Marketing and current audiences, the value content will always prevail over the commercial content; and better yet, it can help you to position yourself in search engines in a stable and natural way. In this article of Web and Contents, you will be able to see a wider explanation of the difference between Traditional Marketing versus Content Marketing.

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