Companies are firmly committed to networking online and this is clearly reflected on the strategies of marketers. 86% of marketers are aware that Social Media is important to business, and 79% have already integrated their social networking activities within their marketing strategy, and actively work to develop its presence online.
Their efforts not only focus on the major social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, but also opt for developing multimedia content for YouTube and go by his hand at Google.

Social media is a must for brands; Facebook continues to be the star of Social media when it comes to a company's strategy. The 92% of the companies are present in the network of Mark Zuckerberg. However, Twitter is following close, with almost 80% of companies having registered their profile on Twitter.
It is the ideal platform to converse with customers face to face, as well as having a high potential to spread content and monitoring social activity.

For LinkedIn, 7 out of 10 bet on the quintessential network of professionals. LinkedIn has become a platform that has become essential, in order to build relationships, and contacts with a professional business profile. Finally, we cannot forget YouTube, the online video platform, has managed to carve a niche in this poker of social channels, 56% of companies are committed to YouTube, and more, taking into account the interests of users for audio-visual content is increasing gradually.

What reasons lead brands to be on social media?

The first and foremost reason for brands to be on social networks is to achieve more visibility. It is the main argument along with taking advantage of social networks interaction, and extends the potential to reach users. Overall, social networks help increase traffic to the website of the brand and help their SEO. In fact, one of the main contributing factors for ranking in the search engine results, and helping SEO online strategies is social ranking and authority of the brand on social networks.
It is fundamental though, not to confuse the number of followers with social influencers. While it is important to have a sizeable number of followers, social media influencers are the ones who will inspire other users to take action.
Nowadays, brands know that it's not only about the number of followers or fans, but also important to have social media influencers to be successful in social networks. The influencers have a vital role spreading the word of mouth recommendations, and they are more successful than brands when promoting online campaigns and general products.

Benefits of Social Networks

These platforms are a great source of information, providing valuable data on the sector, the market and the target audience, and have the final aim of helping to build customer loyalty. Social Media is the realm of interaction, which can foster relationships face to face and direct contact with customers. This reverts to a more positive attitude towards the brand, the first step toward loyalty.
Social networks have been useful in generating leads and increased sales for brands. They are a means to reach customers in a different way, and users react positively to new proposals and actions focused on their interests. Further, Social networks save costs and improve trade relations. The cost of developing the online presence of your brand is far from the stratospheric rates of mass media, and it's an environment conducive to synergies and the establishment of productive relationships.

How much time you need to invest in these channels to start seeing results?

Overall, different studies show that 62% of companies spend an average of more than 40 hours a week to develop their strategy online. If anything, social networks require a significant amount of effort and dedication, so brand need to be consistent and constant on their work in order to reap the rewards. 92% of brands recognize that in order to achieved positive results there is a need for a minimum of 6 hours daily, particularly in terms of making sure the company becomes relevant and a real authority for advice on social networks.
Companies are clear that they will continue investing in social media within their marketing strategy.

Author's Bio: 

Jose Capelo is and Internet Marketing and Social Media expert. Social Media has become the backbone of any marketing strategy, and therefore it is paramount to learn how to devise effective online strategies for your brand, in order to be successful online and interact meaningfully with the target audience.