Social media use continues to grow in popularity with no slowdown apparent at least for the near future! Social media today is as much a part of everyday life as is trips to the store, driving a car or simply paying bills! This popularity can be attributed to how easy, convenient and seemingly safe connecting with people online can be however online dangers still lurk and you MUST be aware!

Here are 5 online dangers that you expose yourself to when connecting with people at any of these internet social communities!


Being social media today is all the rage it's quite easy to find large volumes of active users at any of these popular sites! This has created a target for those who have a 'twisted' interest in planting malware on the computers of others! All it takes is for somebody to click on the 'wrong' link and bingo, your hardware or software have now been infected!


Scam artist have found a new home on the internet and it suits their purposes perfectly! Where else are these 'bottom feeders' going to find an environment with so many potential and unsuspecting targets! Phishing for sensitive and private information has never been easier than within an environment where connecting with people on a social level is users prime objective! Do you REALLY know who it is you're talking to or sharing your thoughts or information with at these communities?

Damaged Reputation

One of the most common online dangers for anybody who uses social media today is that whatever they say is there for the entire world to see! As a result these sites are typically used as part of a screening process or background check by potential employers or other organizations! Getting 'caught up' in the moment when making comments or offering opinions can easily come back to haunt you!


Being whatever you may say is documented and open to public scrutiny, it's wise to 'temper' your feelings and/or opinions! Authorities as well as employers are using these sites as a way to monitor your personal life as well as your opinions and beliefs both of which can be used against you! One wrong comment and you could easily land yourself in trouble with authorities! Is this fair? Well consider that you do have a choice as to what if anything you may share with others so think carefully about what you say!

Underdeveloped Socialization Skills

Connecting with people on the internet is DRAMATICALLY different from practicing interpersonal skills with others face to face! It takes little thought, courage or effort to make a statement or comment when insulated from real flesh and blood contact! Reading or using body language is not possible and those dreaded moments of silence that occur occasionally in conversion are now non-existent! These are all a natural part of developing our personalities and even our confidence! Social media today however makes it easy to 'skip' over these challenges thereby limiting the development of our socialization skills!

With the rising popularity of social media use comes other online dangers of which we all need to be aware! As innocent as connecting with people through the use of social media today may be there does exist a more sinister side! The 5 online dangers these sites present as we discussed above are dangerous primarily because of our lack of awareness to these traps! Of course now that you're aware, measures can be taken to avoid these concerns, but your diligence is a MUST to remain out of harms way!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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