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Community portal facilitates bringing out real “you”. Customizing profile, chatting online (sometimes with people you don’t know), sharing your thoughts, your pictures, learning about people’s backgrounds and work experience, receiving real-time updates on people’s lives.. Basically playing with user created content has become an important part of today’s genre. As people continue to portray their real self in and increasing authentic manner, the value of community sites would be higher. This will not only influence personal interactions, but will also revolutionize the interactions that individuals have with businesses.

A recent ComScore report shows that every 1 out of 10 sites take you to community portals and about 12 percent of total internet time was spent on community portals last year. With over 2.5 million websites currently integrated with Facebook, including over 80 of comScore’s 100 most popular websites, people are engaging with their social network more than they might realize. Social media network has been pushing business-to-consumer relationships to a depth simply not possible with conventional media.

Impact of Social media versus Conventional media
With people spending more time on consuming and creating community network, companies tend to increase their advertising and marketing budget for community networking. Social network development is a place for marketing strategies to capitalize on the trend; it has given new brands and companies an identity and an opportunity to directly interact with their consumers. Twitter feeds spread virally and liking a brand on Facebook creates a new enthusiasm among users. Users or customers can even proudly flash the brand they like and share it with their friends on such sites.

When compared social networking developers with various channels such as print, radio and television, social media penetrates deep into business strategy. Unlike a television advertisement that may miss and fail to attract user attention, networking sites like Facebook have a higher impact as they post every update on user’s wall.

Media on Mobile
If you ask me which the upcoming world is, I would answer the mobile world. Smartphones and tablets being launched and reviewed every day, Internet over mobile is the next big thing. Almost all applications making its presence to the small Smartphone screen, we cannot deny the fact that mobile is far more convenient to be social and enable interaction on the run. Missed the cab? Send SMS to your boss. Had a grand celebration? Let your friends know via sharing pictures through mobile app and updating your status. Stay updated with news anytime, anywhere. Work from your mobile even when you are travelling and much more. Name it and you can use it through your Smartphone.

Technologies like iOS and Android have made everything possible in the world of Smartphones. Smartphones and tablets give users the ability to be connected at all times and are rapidly changing the way people consume and create content. This constant stream of content is a key driver of the social networking website development revolution, and mobile devices have given complete accessibility to its users. Mobile devices provide users access to even more targeted and relevant content, specific and convenient to their current coordinates. Which is why, it gives business an opportunity to provide user with location specific service and that’s the reason your search shows different result on computer as compared to Smartphone device. It is a result of location-based layer.

Eventually we are looking forward for mobile phones as a potential anytime usable device. How convenient it would be to not carry your credit cards and make payment via mobile? As innovation continues, the intersection of community sites and mobile devices are bringing in a new dimension for business opportunities. It is shaping the way how user creates, consumes, and disperses content. The winner is clearly concluded here for those who can keep up the pace and accelerate their business, making full of rapidly growing technical sector, is the leader of the mob.

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