Ever wondered if Facebook or Twitter could enhance your business? How about MySpace? Have you ever heard of LinkedIn?

Social networking sites are huge. Facebook is the most popular website in the world, Twitter is in the top 20. So how can you harness these sites for your business?

Firstly, get a profile. Exposure never hurts, and some companies use Facebook profiles to their advantage, whether it is just to get a name out, promote something or even wage a campaign.

Let’s look at three different examples.

Firstly, Nike. Nike has over a million users who have clicked ‘like’, users who are essentially followers of the brand and who, because of that click, receive regular updates from Nike’s profile. Nike doesn’t pay for its profile, it is free advertising to an audience of over a million people.

Secondly, let’s take a look at 7-Eleven, who used social media – including Facebook and Digg – to announce a free slurpee promotion on November 7 (7/11), where anyone who said ‘Happy 7-Eleven Day’ to an employee at the shop got a free slurpee.

Finally, let’s look at a business using Facebook to wage a campaign (and get some handy free promotion at the same time). Melbourne hairdresser Dr Follicles offered each of its customers a beer until the council realised it was operating without a liquor licence, and refused to grant the business one. The hairdresser got its customers on Facebook and created a Save Our Beer campaign. The company has over 1000 followers on its profile and secured an exemption in the liquor licencing act.

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