Social networks have become increasingly popular in the past few years. From car collectors to book lovers, there seems to be a network out there for everyone. That said, social networks present a prime opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach targeted audiences, while saving money and increasing their bottom line through increased publicity.

Social network marketing is marketing that utilizes previously established social networks as avenues to generate awareness about a given company, politician or even a social issue. These platforms are also often used to inform clients and customers about sales, product launches and other company news. Many networks enable various types of posts including digital photos and video clips, which enables business to be creative and explore various methods of promotion.

Although traditional advertising can be effective, advertising and marketing campaigns can be quite expensive. Utilizing social networks for marketing and advertising purposes present several benefits for small- to medium-size businesses that may not have the funds available to execute expensive publicity campaigns. The amount of time spent on the campaign is also significantly reduced due to the fact that other than periodic updates, most of the work is already finished for you given that the platform (the social network of your choice) has already been established and word of your company will be spread by hundreds, thousands and sometimes even millions of your dedicated readers or site visitors, often referred to as fans or followers.

At the end of the day, most people like to get things for free, and detest when someone is obviously trying to sell them something. By marketing through social networks, your company can offer your clients and customers and potential clients and customers something for free (beneficial information of some sort) without being too “sales-pitchy.” Chances are, your visitors will return time and time again to where they found critical information, which will help your business build a lasting relationship with clients, customers and other key stakeholders prior to even conducting business with them. Due to the established relationship, when the time comes for that person or business to purchase products or services that your company supplies, they will most likely come to your business to do so.

If you still do not see the benefit of social networking for businesses, think of it this way: if you do not choose to advertise and market your business in this fashion, your competition surely will. Why miss the opportunity to grow your business in a cost-effective manner?

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