You are going out, you constantly need an opinion on how you look, whether it is okay to go, what you should say if you are to talk, whether you fit in with the crowd or just whether you are an embarrassment. If you experience such self conscious behavior, you probably suffer from social phobia anxiety disorder.

This is a condition where you experience overwhelming anxiety and self consciousness. You have an unfounded chronic fear that you are watched and judged by others around you. You have a misconception of your society that they are always watchful of what you do or how you do it. Although it is perceived that first impressions matter, the society has better things to do than criticize your every action, well unless you are a celebrity.

Social anxiety disorder usually develops gradually in the course of one’s life. It can result due to lack of adequate social interaction during earlier stages of development or factors such as negative critics from close friends, family or other persons.

Those who suffer from social anxiety disorder know that their fears are unreasonable but they cannot help themselves, they always doubt themselves whenever they are in a social setting. They can worry for weeks thinking of a social function that they are supposed to attend. They worry about things such as what to wear or who to show up with. They also tend to continue worrying when they are in the social platform that they have been preparing for all while. After the social gathering, they continue to worry, thinking of what they should have done, what impact or reaction the society had towards them.

In the course of all this worrying, the sufferer does sweat profusely with some actually developing nausea. They tend to have difficulty in talking or expressing themselves and tend to blush pathetically. Being in the presence of people they consider role models or an admirable personality tends to be a peak moment of this chronic anxiety disorder. They feel unworthy or not up to the status quo of their surroundings.

Nurturing self confidence and developing a positive and calm attitude can help manage and recover from this disorder. Self assuring yourself that you are at least fine and living a care free styled lifestyle helps avoid such a chronic health disorder.

Social anxiety disorder is accompanied by other anxiety disorders such as panic disorder. It becomes depressing always thinking and questioning your perception from the society. Although this disorder is treatable, it requires a lot from the patient rather than the medical physician.

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