With advancing technologies nowadays, people are looking for professionals who know it well how to handle the nuances of a website as a package and not hire different professionals in website development at different costs. What comes to the rescue is the hiring of a full stack developer instead to hire software developer with no full stack knowledge. Every investor or an entrepreneur is thinking it the best way to hire a developer with complete knowledge to create websites without incurring high costs on development. It also means that time taken to search for the developers and designers is also saved to a great extent.

This was all about that entrepreneurs who are looking for the full stack developers over software developer Dubai for their websites and apps. It’s just not only about the entrepreneurs in Dubai but it is also about the website owners all around the world who want to create business websites.

But, what about the job title of the full stack developer?

What all are the prerequisites of being a developer with the knowledge of full stack development and how can a developer with knowledge of more than one or two programming languages can go ahead to become a developer and get popular as a full stack developer around the world? We will also talk about the ways one can hire full stack developers for your website development needs.

Well, it does save a lot of time and money on the part of the entrepreneur or the website owner, but it has its own implications as well. We will discuss about the implications as well but the biggest factor here is that, full stack development being an elite positions these days, there are not much developers with full stack development knowledge, so the salary they expect is quite on the higher notch as compared to other developers.

If you don’t mind spending a few more bucks on hiring the developers such as full stack ones, then you must read this blog for complete details on the benefits of hiring full stack developer as well as the implications of going ahead in this way. No doubt about the fact that full stack developer is a title in the IT industry which is seen with great honour by everyone because of the in-depth knowledge that this position commands from a developer.

To add to the fact, we have some solid stats to add to the beauty of the job and it’s prestigious position for sure. Indeed- which is a world leading job agency shows that this position is seen upon as one of the most honorable position along with lofty salary range and recruitment agencies treat them as the best ever treated people who have full stack developer Resumes. This means that when they want to hire web developer they are more into searching for the developers in full stack development.

Talking about the percentage of growth in the job demand of this position around the world, there are clear records that show that the growth of this position has rose to 198% and the average base salary is $111 approx. Surprisingly, it was the most posted job around the world from the IT companies and individuals just followed by Development Operations Engineer. It is the 900 jobs per 1M jobs posted in 1 year on Indeed. This is to be noted that this data belongs to the year of 2018. So, we have many other reasons and expectations that the number is going to rise in the coming months and years.

This can definitely put every web developer Dubai in the danger zone because one may think that the demand for the single specialisation developers have gone diminished completely. You may think what you can do to shift your skills equivalent to those of full stack developers. Let’s discuss in detail about all your considerations.

What is the profile and job responsibilities of full stack development?

If you are completely new to what the heck is this full stack development, let us tell you that the job responsibilities in this profile are very broad range. Just because the developer should have attained the knowledge of maximum programming languages, that’s why here comes the name of full stack development. The name very much displays the meaning of what the real meaning of the job profile is! To make the terms even more clear- we can say that stack here means the technologies that are used to create websites. It simply means so many benefits that are otherwise not possible with a programmer with only one language skill. The website is more creative, dynamic and robust when a lot of skills are known by a single web developer Dubai with complete stack knowledge.

Why full stack development rules out the need of others?

Now, you will be curious to know that why is the need of development with full stack is important when it is slowly ruling out the need of the specialised developers. Well, there are many benefits over choosing full stack as compared to hire software developer where benefits don’t exceed the cost. While in the case of full stack developer, it is for sure that the benefits do exceed the costs in this case.

Employing the skills of web development at different stages:

When a full stack developer is not hired, the website owner has to hire a team which has all types of developers at disposal in the times of need. So, when a team is composed of different team members with different specialised skills and experiences, there is a need of each and every individual right from designing the website to developing it with coding. It includes server-side development and client-side development also.

What factors make you a successful full stack developer?

There are many things that are considered while a full stack developer is hired for a project. The factors that are important to consider are the project requirements, as well as budget, time deadlines, complexity and more. There are diverse technologies that are included in full stack development. Until now, we stressed on the programming languages, but there is also a need to have knowledge about various popular frameworks and databases.

Categories that are important for every full stack developer:

1. Content Management System – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and PrestaShop
2. Coding Languages – JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python and Java
3. Frameworks – Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, Laravel and Ruby on Rails
4. Markup Languages – HTML and CSS
5. DataBases – MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL
6. Version Controlling Systems – Github and Gitlab
Reason behind growing demand of full stack developers:

As the demand for stack developers increase, you should know the prospects and reasons to shift to this job title. It completely depends on the prospects of this job position in your particular area. If you are in a circle where there is more demand to hire web developer only with specialised skills, then you can reconsider the decision to shift to the full stack development as it would obviously require you to learn a lot of technologies and databases. It will involve a lot of hard work as well as dedication and determination to learn a bunch of new programming languages that you haven’t ever learnt in past.


Make sure you have the best resources to learn from the best web developer Dubai if you are in the UAE. If you are in any other part of the world, you should search for experts in various fields and databases as well as frameworks.

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