Introduction:- There are so many software companies running in the market, which provide the software services like:- software development, iOS Mobile Application Development , web development, application development, software testing, software maintenance, search engine optimization and many more.Software testing plays a major role in the success of any software because compatibility and accuracy of software matters on its testing portion. It stated as the validation of a software program, guides the software design and development according to the requirement. In simple words, software testing is the process of execution of a program finding errors in its functionality, security and productivity of the product.

Software testing can be implemented at any time during development process, but it is mostly evaluated after the completion of designing and coding portion of the software.
People think like software testing makes the software risk free but it is not true. Basically, it reduces the risk of application that occurs in the software but not completely. The two major areas of testing are:- correctness testing and reliable testing.

Now-a-days, most of the software engineers ready to move in testing field for its creativity, its challenge of automation, its elation to system thinking. Most of the software companies in India also work as outsourcer, they do the project of another company on the contract basis, that type of companies are called Offshore Software companies. These software companies provide the services: - software application testing, outsourced software testing, security testing, unit testing, insurance testing and mobile domain testing.

There are two techniques used in testing White Box Testing and Black Box Testing. Black box testing is used to check the application of software externally whereas; white box testing is used to check internally. Thorough analysis and testing of application program needs the broad knowledge of testing techniques and requires the testing tools.
Testing engineers have the capability to handle:-
3. Both manual as well as automation testing.
4. Open source technology as well as commercial

Offshore Software maintenance is broad and it is defined as to maintain the accuracy and compatibility, deletion and addition, correction and security in the application of software. Offshore Software maintenance also modifies the changes that is required for the goal of software and improves the performance of it. ISO is an organization, which certified the software for its corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance. ISO introduces three categories:- Problem resolution(detection, analysis and correction), Interface modification(when hardware changes controlled by software), Performance improvement(require by the purchaser in maintenance).
IEEE is an organization and it also certifies the software, it introduces four categories in offshore software maintenance:- corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, perfective maintenance, emergency maintenance.
When a few changes is made into the software, the maintainer should have the completely understanding and knowledge about the structure, functionality and behavior of the software. The cost of the maintenance matters on the time spends by the maintainer and complexity of the software.

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