Solar Lantern
Enwalk is driving Solar Lantern Manufacturer in India. Our solar lanterns are light in weight and ideal wellspring of light in dull. It very well may be handily conveyed like a customary Lantern. Being a solar worked item, it gives omni directional unadulterated white light. Coming furnished with a fixed upkeep free lead acid battery, solar photovoltaic module, charge controller and DC-AC inverter, they can light the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).
Planned by our exceptionally gifted and experienced experts, the solar lanterns offered by Enwalk are profoundly proficient. Their two stage charge controller shields battery from depleting and over charging. In addition, the lanterns use daylight to control high power LED's that give light to over 10 Hours once the player is completely energized. High recurrence inverter guarantees all the more light yield, high proficiency and long assistance life to the CFL lamp.
As a Solar Lantern Manufacturer, Some of the highlights our solar lanterns are protected, proficient, dependable, reasonableness, most extreme light inclusion, simple establishment, no exhaust, no smoke, no-support, enduring high force LED's, tastefully structured versatile light, miniaturized scale controller based high effectiveness hardware, various Models, and discretionary portable charging.
Features of Solar Lantern
 Very high efficient microcontroller based electronic circuitry
 Low self-discharge, highly reliable, low maintenance SMF battery
 Protected from overcharging and deep discharge.
 LED indication for "Battery Charging" and "Battery Low"
 Very low no-load current
 Low maintenance
 High reliability and durability
 More intensity of light
 Use selectable high/low intensity
 Excellent for remote villages as well as urban cities
 With Mobile charging facility with multi pins
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