About Enwalk India
On the off chance that you are searching for a renewable energy company with as distinguished a past as Enwalk , you will discover none. With attaches that look back to the innovative, yet nationalistic optimism of the mid seventies, Enwalk was set up with a dream to make India an energy adequate nation. The establishing fathers of this developing association had a fantasy to see India's economy based on environmentally friendly and maintainable renewable energy, and it is this fantasy pushes Enwalk Solar on.
Enwalk is a pioneer on various fronts and has a pioneering trail of first's shockingly. Our originators spearheaded the presentation of bio-mass gasifiers without precedent for India, we propelled 'Swosthe' – smokeless chula for family unit cooking, presented the first of its sort solar water warmers with mellow steel authorities, built up the main indigenous completely programmed LPG preparing broiler an innovator in its space even today, and set up the solitary devoted NBFC, Nagarjuna Credits and Capital Ltd in the nation to fund renewable energy items!
With a solid and strong stamp of space ability and relationship at different – government and mechanical – levels, we have shape the bearing of the solar energy division in India. Today, Enwalk stands head and shoulders about rivalry for world class items that are indigenously created for the Indian masses.
Headquartered in Pune, scarcely any organizations occupied with the solar energy area can flaunt our size, spread of items and administrations or conveyance of help. Our flawlessly coordinated producs are sponsored by broad and serious examination, and culminated comparable to global principles.
Our huge and continually developing R&D group is driven by a profound duty to advancement, and our items are created remembering specialty needs of both household and business clients.
We continually increase present expectations on execution, and in this manner, are early adopters of cleared cylinder gatherer frameworks in the nation. We are additionally one of the first to offer secluded frameworks to business and modern clients. We presently forcefully move towards receiving glass strengthened polymer (GRP) tanks, which guarantee high item solidness to our clients. The sign of Enwalk items is quality and flawlessness, it's what drives us to amass our LED lights in-house as opposed to have them imported, and dispersed. Our top notch inverters are created in-house as well.
Our undeniable solar water warming framework and solar photovoltaic framework fabricating unit adjusts to ISI and BIS principles, and is UNDP affirmed under the United Nations Program for India. Our processing plant fabricates and sells more than 15,000 solar units a year and has hitherto encouraged establishment of more than 2 lakh units. A huge move towards lessening green house gas and carbon emanations, most would concur.
Enwalk Solar's establishment and post deal support is overseen via prepared staff, who invest energy understanding client needs and convey profoundly modified arrangements cost successfully. With wide industry information and introduction, our help work force are prepared to foresee client needs and convey administrations outperforming their desire.
Our saying isn't simply to create outstanding solar energy items and convey them with a grin, yet to guarantee glad clients. These fundamental beliefs suffuse every one of our exercises and drive us as one of the most regarded solar energy item company's in the nation.
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Enwalk is the best Solar Lantern manufactruer company in Pune, India.