With growing constraints of traditional energy sources, importance of alternative sources like solar energy has multiplied in recent times. Solar energy is not only used for lighting lamps and such other conventional purposes but also in other elements like the solar energy water fountains both indoor and outdoor. They not only look great but are energy economic and easy to handle as well.

Multiple Types to Choose From
Multiple types of solar foundations and pumps are available in the market varying in styles, sizes, shapes, and of course; prices. Some examples of variations are –

Solar energy water fountains that can be installed without any electrical wiring in areas that get sufficient sunlight.
Such fountains could contain cascading bowls, freestanding sculptures or deer scaring fountains and each of them will produce its own unique sound.
Solar Energy Fountain Features
One of the features of the solar energy fountain is that it can be installed anywhere and even in the remotest part of a city, town, or village. Best part of it is that such fountains are not only energy economic but are safe and easy to handle. Owner also need not worry about the availability of traditional powers since there is no necessity of running electrical installations and have monthly expenses in the process.

Solar Fountains Offer Great Economy
Solar fountains are not only excellent to view but also have various other advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of using solar fountains is that they are economic as they do not involve energy consumption and expenses related to it.
At the same time these objects offer great tax benefits as there is 30% Federal Income Tax Credit for use of the devices.
Since the source is sunlight it is almost insatiable unlike the traditional coal based or hydro electrical enterprises.
With an additional battery storage system that is charged during the sunlight hours, the device could continuously run for over 12 hours at a stretch.
Two Specifications of Fountain Pumps
Fountain pumps usually have two specifications determining their suitability for the fountain head and GPH or Gallon per Hour which indicates the volume of water. It is essential that the volume of water matches the design of the fountain.

For a typical home garden the fountain would require 40 inch head and 40-50 inch GPH.

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