The act of gardening is reported by many to be a stress reliever. During the month of April, we are all asked to pay attention to the amount of bad stress that exists in our lives and what we might be able to do to control it.

When it comes to gardening, choosing a location, planning the design, putting the plants in the ground, watering them and watching them grow are simple pleasures enjoyed by many. Having a piece of nature that is accessible at any time, right on your property, can leave you feeling like you are miles away from the stressors of daily life.

The gentle sound of flowing water that a solar fountain provides is a garden element not to be left behind. Solar fountains can have an elaborate design, or be a simple and traditional accent piece that contributes to a relaxing garden experience.

Solar fountains are self-contained, portable and lightweight making them a flexible garden accessory. Some solar fountains, like the Cascading style, have a solar panel that is attached to the pump with a 10 foot cable. Having the cable allows you to put the panel in direct sunlight, but the fountain can be placed elsewhere. Another type of fountain, the Solar Birdbath, has an integrated pump and panel system that is located in the fountain basin. This type of fountain needs to be placed in a sunny spot. Solar-On-Demand fountains offer a backup battery feature. The operator can choose whether to charge the battery during the day so that the fountain will run after the sun goes down, or to use the battery to provide uninterrupted pump operation during the day if a cloud cover settles in.

The continuously moving water that a solar fountain provides keeps insects away and invites the birds to visit. You can coordinate a solar fountain with your garden design. Perhaps you like gardens full of white blooms mixed with beautiful textured foliage. Cascade style fountains are available in approximately 20 different finishes and one will coordinate with the color and texture choices you make for your garden. Maybe you would like a garden fountain to be centered in your plant design. Solar birdbaths are commonly 2-3 feet in height and look good with smaller plants around the base and taller blooms around the borders.

Whichever type of solar fountain you choose, you will not have to be concerned about finding an electrical source because the sun does all the work. You will be able to spend your time enjoying your garden, your solar fountain and the wildlife that both will attract. That sounds like a recipe for stress relief.

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Celia Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a special interest in stress relief, gardening and solar products. To find out more about Solar Fountains, please visit: