Swimming pools are great additions to your home adding to your property value as well ensuring great fun and entertainment during spring/summer months. But proper maintenance of your pool can be a big drain on your budget. Power, water and chemicals all cost money! Don’t you think as an astute domestic pool owner, you need to look into all ways to reduce expenses? Solar pool covers can be one investment bringing long-term savings.

Information on solar pool covers

What are solar pool-covers? They utilize heat from sunrays to raise water temperature and keep the water warm for longer duration. They reduce evaporation and help in keeping the pool clean too. Solar pool covers come in all shapes, sizes, and they can be customized to fit your pool size. They are available as manually operated and automatic roll-up covers.

Solar pool covers save water

Swimming pools if left uncovered experience tremendous amount of evaporation. A normal size pool can lose by evaporation nearly 60,000 litres water in a single year. Because entire pool gets exposed, evaporation occurs more rapidly. You need to replace the water regularly and this increases your water consumption and water bill. With solar pool covers, you can see a dramatic decrease in evaporation rates and practically see how much you conserve water.

Benefits for both outdoor and indoor pools

Solar pool covers are not only useful with outdoor pools but indoor pools also. They prevent evaporation which reduces the water level as well reduce the need for air-conditioning necessary to combat the humidity. This is bonus energy savings from solar pool covers. Also these help in reducing chemical usage by reducing the evaporation that otherwise will deplete the amount of chemicals needed to correctly balance the pool water.

How solar pool covers save energy

Using solar pool covers can bring a lot of savings in your energy bill also. They heat the pool naturally, using heat from sunrays and retain the heat for extended hours. Even in cloudy weather, these absorb latent heat and still warm the water. They do not allow heat-loss by radiation o evaporation as well. Some solar blankets are specially designed to absorb short-wavelength solar energy which is not allowed to get dissipated and increase water temperature by nearly 8-10 degrees!
Solar pool covers - a wise investment
Solar pool covers
• Minimize energy costs
• Minimize evaporation and
Conserve water consumption
Reduce chemical use
• Keep pool clean
• Provide sufficiently efficient wind break
• Honour green ethics
No wonder solar pool covers are great options for saving water and energy!

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