Would suggest Sole E95 elliptical trainer to any person wanting a high quality elliptical.

I searched around quite a bit for an elliptical - I had a couple of requirements.
1) Must have long stride - I am six ft tall - most machines didn't feel natural to me because of the shorter stride.
2) Should be easy running and sturdy - a lot of models being cheap creaked whenever being used.
3) Must have decent display screen - something akin to a gym good quality equipment - clear display screens of statistics

My partner and i ordered this machine and it was delivered within just two or three weeks. This is a huge item - delivered on the half skid. You'll need a couple of very good sized people to assist you move it!
The assembly process isn't that complicated but it does require some mechanical reasoning. The elements are Extremely well organized. Comes using the resources you'll require - although a socket wrench along with a excellent screwdriver would not hurt. My one and only complaint with the directions is that there is just a little vagueness in certain of the final assembly. Some part numbers that didn't make sense - a few covers that simply do not fit. I believe this is do towards the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer being a rather close cousin towards the e35. The significant differences being a a lot improved display and fancy covers.

Problems? I can see where one bolt could have to be re-tightened (after a week's usage), and also the cup holder can be a joke.

I use this particular elliptical trainer everyday - I could not be happier with this buy. Everyone that has tried using it loved it. They are amazed by it's level of quality.

I wanted a high quality equipment and was prepared to fork over some money. I believe you could potentially only do far better if you invested twice as much and purchased a PRECOR elliptical.

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