In our homes, we sometimes love sitting on the outside porch or the backyard just soaking up sun, relaxing. To do all this we need the perfect furniture for the porch or the deck. The patio is a lovely place to sit and relax, alone or with family. You cannot place home furniture outside as they would get too bulky and would not look good. You need nice, easy maintenance outdoor furniture.

Most outdoor furniture is easily available at regular furniture store. While picking up outdoor furniture the following things have to be kept in mind. Firstly, as the name suggests this furniture will stay outdoors all the time, so it must be resistant to various climatic conditions like rain and heat. Secondly, it must also be resistant to mites and other insects. They will eat up your furniture before you know it. Thirdly, outdoor furniture is prone to loss of color or fading due to the climate outside so choose colors wisely. Fourthly, outdoor furniture is visible to everyone, so don’t make a choice in haste and regret it later. It must look presentable at all times. Lastly, outdoor furniture needs have proper care so look for the ones with easy maintenance.

The cushions also need to be taken care of. They must be regularly washed and cleaned as they will attract more dust due to long exposure. Check the manufacturers label for washing instructions. If it can be machine washed then wash it in warm water and dry it. If it is to be hand washed then soak it in soapy water before washing them.

Most furniture comes with UV protection. This is to save the furniture from the sun’s harmful rays. It must be noted that despite such a protective coating the furniture is prone to get affected by the sun, the dust and the wind. So to protect your furniture one good method is to use cover ups. Cover ups are protective material cloths for placing over the furniture. It must be properly laid out on the furniture during winters before you take your furniture inside.

The fabric for outdoor cushions must be a material that has the following properties: easy wash, not prone to house bacteria and dirt, easy maintenance, can be changed easily, which does not fade in the sun and quick to dry. Most of the new synthetic materials today do the trick.

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