Greetings from Susun ~

Dear friends of the green,

Let me make good on my teasing promise to tell you how to make a delicious vinegar to complement your garlic honey.

Green leek vinegar

Begin by buying (or harvesting from your garden) a bunch of leeks. Use them to make potato-leek soup or any other dish of your desire. Save those tough green tops. You know the part that I mean, the part you were about to throw away or put in the compost. Instead, chop it coarsely, and find a jar that will be mostly filled by the amount of chopped green leek tops that you have. Best if it has a plastic lid. The jar can be plastic, too. Don’t smash your chopped green leeks into the jar, but don’t let them be too loose either.

After your green leeks are in the jar, pour apple cider vinegar over them, right to the top of the jar. I prefer to use pasteurized apple cider vinegar. I buy a gallon at the store, bring it just to a boil in a non-metallic pan over a high heat, then let it cool, and finally put in back in the original container, now marked so I know I have pasteurized it. Raw vinegar and herbs can combine to make strange (stinky) alien beasts!

Label your vinegar with the date and contents. Wait six weeks. If you are impatient, you could probably use it after just two weeks, but wait as long as you can, which means, make it now, so it will be ready when you want it. Besides being a fantastic salad dressing and marinade (the softened leek tops can be thrown in too), your Green Leek Vinegar helps keep your cholesterol in balance and your immune system strong. This remedy is safe for babies and children.

Hardy souls begin their day with a spoonful of Green Leek Vinegar in water. Whew! That’s a powerful potion!

Next week, we will put it all together into my Allium Advantage Elixir.

Until then, remember, herbal medicine is people’s medicine.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

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