This Solstice reading covers a three month span while the moon readings are more about the couple weeks following.

With the global energy increase over the last year, we are seeing how much more quickly things come to be. ”From thought to reality in but a blink of an eye.”
So take time over the next few months to be still so You know what is fruitful for You and You can connect with the truth of You. Watch out for any lies wether big or small when dealing with others over the next months.

No matter how small the mistruth is, it will weaken You and the integrity of the interaction You are having with another. This becomes so very important if You are ready to start anything new in your life.

Your ability to slow down enough to hear ‘what is real’ and where the potential is in your life, will be well supported through the months of January and February especially. There are always a lot of options but what lies closest to your heart and is your true path can come real for You, during this period.

Any soul searching that You take time for during this period is going to go far towards the change You are wanting to see in the world.

When things get challenging over the next months, notice how You react to the thoughts that are fearful to You. It will always be your choice as to whether You embrace the changes or You resist them. It may seem like You might be able to escape the results You have attracted to You but justice will always be served.

If You say No and give it attention then it is exactly like saying Yes and giving the thing attention. Saying yes or saying no, if You have given it attention then You give it energy, period.

It is the season in the northern hemisphere for dormancy. Which translates to settling and nurturing yourself so that You are ready for fuller expression and expansion come spring.

Reminder that dreams are a great way to express emotions and fears. They are also a great way to gain insight into what You are really inspired by.

With the spring will come a recognition of your value and the value of your plans and dreams. The successful blossoming of spring this year is going to be influenced by living from solid principles and recognizing the balance of serving self and serving others.

Action: Set up for releasing patterns and uncomfortable emotions that no longer serve while You sleep. Angel Jeremiel can help with this but remember You have to ask.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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