Just what is depression, and what is the major cause? Depression is a whole bag full of different symptoms. Anxiety and insomnia are both recognized "common" symptoms, but there are many more. Just not happy most of the time is depression. What is the cause of depression. Again, there are many different causes, but the most common one is simply stress. The more stress, the more depression. Lower stress, lower depression.

There are lots of prescriptions for depression, and so far, no cures with any, although some do provide "symptom relief", but all have proven dangerous in the long run.

Here's the problem for doctors and patients both. Every individual is just that - INDIVIDUAL. We have all grown up with different experiences in different neighborhoods, with different siblings. MD's are taught to measure the height and weight of a person, then medicate accordingly, but that doesn't work so well because everyone is individual. Some people vary widely in just uptake of different vitamins and minerals, let alone in their reaction to chemicals in drugs.

Let's look at the most common cause - stress. Stress starts with the birth trauma, again somewhat different in each. Then we accumulate more stress from that moment on. Every bad encounter adds to that stress. As we grow, something "triggers" the brain to create allergies to environment or foods/chemicals. Again this is individual. Now, there are phobias or compulsions developed individually. These cause more stress. We really don't know how and why of much of this, as it is in the unconscious mind.part of the brain.

Here's a major contributor to depression. Poor nutrition. Abram Hoffer of the Orthomolecular Society found that a lack of niacin can cause schizophrenia, and many have found that a lack of magnesium is a cause of depression. Again INDIVIDUAL.

There has been one widely misunderstood therapy for the last 50 years that has shown remarkable curative properties of all forms of depression. It was called EEG biofeedback in the last century, but renamed Neurofeedback since. (Sounds fancier I guess). In 2000, I voiced a theory that EEG BF had something to do with allergy solutions. I became an "expert" in EEG BF/NFB. I started the first leasing and sales firm for EEG BF machines, but it was still so expensive that mid and low income families simply couldn't afford 60 some sessions for ADD/ADHD or depression et al at an average cost of $100 each. This cost per half hour session meant only fairly wealthy can afford this proven therapy.

In 2004, I created an alternate therapy using subliminal messaging instead of expensive machines. Over the next few years, I proved in volunteer testing that this could not only work well at a fraction of the cost, but was not limited to only changing brain wave patterns and amplitudes as was NFB, but could also help in resolving other stresses. In the following years, I improved on this, and the latest NT CD"s have proven so good that I can guarantee them to satisfy, or return money.

So, how does this work to lower or remove depression? The best theory is mine expressed in 2000. By increasing the amplitude of the SMR brain wave (around 13 Hz), you seem to cure allergies if used long enough. In my own case, I lost 4 definite allergies that were seriously affecting my life. (Overweight, Hay Fever, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia ) My wife started to wear bikinis at 64 (and she could).

Allergy stress is a huge part of the stress for everyone, and it's also a major part of aging. Solve this stress. even partially, and you solve the problems/diseases caused by that overall stress. That is the "secret" as to NFB's very good success for so many years. Isn't it ironical that few NFB clinics know this?

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Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist (30 plus years)
Inventor of NL Therapy - An inexpensive, effective approach &
"at home" therapy for ADD- autism, insomnia, depression etc
http://drbate.com - drbate@bellsouth.net