It seems that lately, I've met a lot of people who have schizophrenic relatives or friends. So, I decided since I've had huge success in easily solving this horrible "disease" to repeat that "history here.

When I first started in practice in the late 70"s, and took on one pro bono patient as a favor to a friend. I found myself becoming very frustrated because I couldn't "reach" her. A pamphlet from Abram Hoffer and the Orthomolecular Society came into my hands, and it talked abut a vitamin formula with niacin. Mentally, I scoffed at that idea. How could niacin cure schizophrenia, but what the hell, it couldn't hurt, so I got it assembled, and she took it. In a few days, I was very (very is not necessary) shocked and amazed to find a non schizophrenic girl. Several months later, she asked me to stand up and give her away in marriage.

Following that inadvertent success, I started to study this "new to me" therapy. I learned that allergy stress is a factor that exists in most schizophrenics, and that there is a peculiar genetic factor in a family called Wilson Syndrome that actually uptakes copper many times normal, upsetting the zinc/copper ratio. So, I now knew of three different causes.

I then found it simple to solve schizophrenia without any drugs, and with a minimum of expensive "doctor time". I would interview the patient extensively, and tried to find out which cause or combination of causes was their problem. I had learned from Carl Pfeiffer at the Brain Bio Lab at Princeton how to use hair analysis to find out mineral balances and toxins, and had found a new (then) white blood cell test that showed up allergies (Cytotoxic Test). I took a hair sample for mineral analysis, started the patient on the Megavitamin formula developed by the Orthomolecular Society, and sent the patient to Dr Ahner in Jupiter Florida for the allergy test.

When the patient came back in about 10 days or so, the results of the hair test and the allergy test were back, and the patient had been on the megavitamin for a week. There was now proof of which cause or combination was the problem. The rest is simple.

The only problem was that doctors can't make any money with it, so it's ridiculed. It worked for 11 patients I saw while in practice, and two very poor black men who just were able to buy the megavitamin therapy from me. I never saw either but their mothers came in every month to buy it for a few years. My office manager was scandalized, but if it helped, I didn't care that much.

When I retired from active practice in the early 90's, I wrote a book explaining the above, and over the years, I have received over a dozen letters or emails from people who I have never met who had "cured" someone or themselves simply by doing the same as described in my book. It's so simple that any one with "normal" intelligence can do it.

There is also a much simpler explanation, more like the one above, as a web page, and it is up to date. Instead of the expensive Cytotoxic test, my Neuroliminal Training CD is used to solve the allergy stress. (which is always a part of the problem). The Special NT CD has worked very well in volunteer and actual cases during this past year. That web page is at: article_schizophrenia.shtml.

It's simple, it works,

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Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist (30+ years)
Inventor of inexpensive Neuroliminal Therapy
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