Santosh Krinsky gave this talk to outline both the existential crisis we are facing in the world today, tying together numerous different symptoms into a view of the larger issues we are facing, as well as the causative factors and the direction for solving this crisis through the development of the next phase of the growth of consciousness on the planet, the development of the supramental consciousness, beyond the mental level. The supramental consciousness sees globally and wholistically rather than in a linear, blinkered fashion, and thus, can understand and resolve issues that the mind has difficulty in grasping.

A talk at Cultural Integral Fellowship, San Francisco on August 4, 2022 via Zoom.

Author's Bio: 

Santosh has been studying Sri Aurobindo's writings since 1971 and has a daily blog at and podcast at He is author of 16 books and is editor-in-chief at Lotus Press. He is president of Institute for Wholistic Education, a non-profit focused on integrating spirituality into daily life.