It is strange, how one fine day an individual wakes up to an irritable bowel movement or vomiting or severe abdominal pain. These ailments were not there the night before. So what happened in a single night to cause these? Strangely enough, the answer lies in our own eating habitual practices or to be specific, malpractices. The above symptoms are related to gastrointestinal disorders. The gastrointestinal disorders occur when the food consumed by us, is not properly digested.

Poor digestion often leads to severe gastrointestinal disorders. Hence it is significant to know what to eat and what not to eat. Every meal you take must contain protein as well as carbohydrates. Salads made with freshly chopped veggies, soup, and fresh chutnies can be taken with a bit of salt. But when it comes to oil take, it must be significant to use only ½ and ¾ every month. What you should know that the disorders do not appear in one single night but are the accumulation of long duration of malpractices of eating habits. Ayurvedic GI Disorder Treatment in India is beneficial as it addresses the root cause of the problem. Ayurvedic science studies the eating patterns of the ailing patient. Studying the lifestyle of the patient closely is a part of the treatment.

Heading directly straight to the cure for the ailment

According to Ayurveda digestive related problems occur due to improper consumption of food. Overeating, consuming the largest meal of the day at an irregular timing, combining wrong foods together and eating without completely chewing the food; all lead to poor digestion. Poor digestion often causes overall uneasiness in the body of the individual.

Poor digestion does not allow the body to properly absorb the nutrients from the food. This highly disrupts the defence mechanism of the stomach, leading to vulnerability. Bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, nausea and many other symptoms are related to digestive disorders. These symptoms are at times mistreated due to unknown origin of the same. Ayurveda traces these symptoms back to improper consumption of food and treats accordingly.

Ayurvedic treatment comprises of directly treating the dysfunctional body part with the effective herbs in the form of pills or powders. Alongside, the practitioner also addresses the underlying root cause of the disease. The practitioner directly diagnoses how the disease found its way into the body, in the first place. The fault often lies in poor food choices and eating habits. Eating healthy food improperly is as harmful as eating unhealthy food.

The deciding factor; that results in the success or failure of the treatment

An ayurvedic practitioner builts the case as a patient approach with the ailing ailment. The understanding of the symptoms of the patient along with a detailed study of the lifestyle is what leads to a successful recovery.
Making necessary changes while consuming food makes a great difference in its digestion. Ayurveda successfully treats digestive disorders by identifying the source of the disorder. Various herbs are prescribed to treat the disorder in the digestive system and strengthen it further. Ayurvedic science is all about the complete well-being of an individual.

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