Do you want to make your garden look vibrant using exotic flowers? You can plant alstroemeria flowers in your home garden to make your garden look beautiful. Gardens improve the landscape in our homes and make the surroundings look stunning. Flowers are the best plants to plant in your home garden because of their diverse colors. You can produce any kind of flowers in your garden, but the best type of flowers are exotic flowers. Some of these flowers are called alstroemeria flowers. These are perennial flowers available in various lighter hues, and their petals are slightly smaller than lilies. They are also called Peruvian lilies and are commonly used as filter flowers. Peruvian lilies don’t have any fragrant; however, they have a long vase life of about two weeks. When planting and taking care of alstroemeria flowers in your garden, you should avoid much heat, making them produce fewer flowers. Instead, they will start growing large tuberous roots. Peruvian lilies come in many varieties, which you can plant in your garden. Here are some of them:

Blue Heaven

This type of alstroemeria flowers can grow up to three feet high. Its petals are lavender-blue and have yellow throats. It doesn’t need much care while growing, and it also favors partial shade or full sun. It is easy to grow and bloom from June to November.


This variety of alstroemeria plants has bright magenta petals, and they grow up to 18 inches high. The petals slightly curve downwards at an angle. It does well when planted in full sun or partial shade. They look quite beautiful as vase flowers or put them in a container due to their yellow throat.


This is a hybrid variety that grows up to 3 feet tall. Some of the colors they are available in include pink, orange, and scarlet. They do well in 7-10 zones and make beautiful garden flowers. They are sometimes called St. Martin’s Flower.


Aimi is a tall variety of alstroemeria flowers that grows up to 30 inches. It blooms from June to November, and you will notice them from their creamy white petals, with flushes of soft-pink. You can put them in a vase or plant them in your garden, and they will still look good.

Alstroemeria Aurea

This type of alstroemeria flower has unique petals that look like orchids. If you want to plant them in your garden, you will enjoy their blooms from early- to mid-summer. They have bright-orange or golden-yellow petals. Plant them in moist soil and full sun.


Alstroemeria flowers or Peruvian lilies make wonderful garden flowers, especially if you want to use them as filter flowers. You don’t need to worry about maintaining them because they don’t require much care. The beauty of these flowers is that they are available in many different hues. Cosmea Gardens has all these varieties of alstroemeria flowers and many more.

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