The prostate gland is very important for men. If you pay less attention to the urogenital system health, it's more likely to induce prostate problems, in which prostatitis is the most common one. Treating diseases in the hospital is always right and efficient, but nursing your health at home can also help.

For patients with Prostatitis, there are some advice from experts that can help you get better naturally.

1. To develop a healthy diet

Eating healthy food is as important and useful as taking medicine. After diagnosed with prostatitis, the main task for patients at home is to develop a healthy diet. They should refuse spicy and greasy food, such as hot pot and fried chicken.

Materials that can stimulate their stomach and urogenital system should be avoided as soon as possible. Although appropriate fat intake can promote the function of healthy cells in the body, eating high-fat food for a long time will make the body obese, which may affect the prostate and can be not conducive to repairing inflammation.

They can eat more foods rich in antioxidants, such as tomatoes, apples, lemons and orange juice. Foods rich in vitamins and nutrients are necessary. Eating more fruits and vegetables in ordinary times can help enhance the body's immunity and improve prostatitis.

2. To abstain from alcohol and tobacco

Drinking and smoking are common bad habits in men. Especially at home, there are no restraints on male friends, so they may indulge in alcohol and tobacco. In general, excessive intake of alcohol may cause congestion in the prostate gland, and nicotine from tobacco can also stimulate the organ, thus affecting blood circulation and aggravating prostatitis. So giving up smoking and drinking are considerably important.

3. To drink more water and urinate in time

For patients with prostatitis, drinking more water can promote urination, which is to excrete bacteria and toxic materials. It's easy and simple to drink water anytime at home, so male friends should develop this habit as soon as possible. In addition, to keep a smooth blood circulation, urinating in time is also necessary. Always holding backing urine can easily cause bacteria backflow, making prostatitis more serious.

4. To avoid siting and move around

When men stay at home, they either sit on the sofa or lie in the bed, both of which can unknowingly cause prostatic congestion. Therefore , it is often suggested that they should go out sometimes, to do some exercise or participate in activities. Meanwhile, indoor activities are helpful for them, such as hula hoop, rope jumping, radio gymnastics and tai chi.

5. To take in trace elements

Trace elements are also very important for men with prostatitis, especially zinc and selenium. Zinc is a basic substance concentrated in the prostate, which is involved in the whole synthesis of sperm. Keeping a sufficient intake of zinc is contribute to regulating the metabolism in the prostate gland. Selenium, on the other hand, has antioxidant properties that prevent cells from oxidizing and developing tumors, so it's important to make your body take in enough trace elements after having prostatitis.

Nursing yourself at home is a basic and helpful part during your treatment. For patients with mild acute prostatitis, they can get better with proper health care at home. For patients with chronic prostatitis, in addition to home care, medication is a must. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to patients. Sticking to taking the pill can effectively eliminate inflammation.

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