The weather in the UK during winters is not suitable for traveling. The country gets pretty grim, dark, the weather is too cold and there are early nights. All of these make a tour to the UK very difficult. However, in case you cannot wait till spring to have fun. We have compiled some travel routes that you can go on during winters.

Visit the UK’s only free-ranging reindeer herd in the cairngorms

If you want living proof that reindeers are not for Christmas only then you need to visit the Cairngorms in Scotland during winters. Every year both in summer and winter around 150 reindeers roam this area. Due to this a travel routes has been set up there. Throughout the year an experienced reindeer herder takes a group of people to this area.

The reindeer herder is usually provided by the Glenmore center. They go through a rigorous walk up the mountain to reach this place. The reindeers there have been properly tamed. So, you can easily stroke them and take selfies with them. However, you need to keep yourself warm. Scotland doesn’t do winters in half measures. Always keep yourself warm there.

Sing away the winter blues in Northumberland

Every year this event is organized by mercury prize nominated musician sisters. The event is called the unthanks singing weekend. Several people from all over the country visit the event. The sisters host a bunch of people in the Northumberland countryside for a weekend of singing, sing-alongs, and pub grub.

However, this isn’t the type of event that you can take anyone with you. The event aims to teach people to become down-to-earth persons. Moreover, the event has been designed to bring people together so that they might learn the joy of singing together.

Pretend you are in Game of Thrones at the Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

This place is by far one of the most stunning and photogenic places in the whole world. Probably that’s the reason that this place was used in the famous show Game of Thrones. In the show, the place was known as the Kingsroad.

This place is open for people throughout the year. You can visit the place at any time you like. However, there is something special about visiting this place in winter. Watching these leafless branches covered in snow is quite a fascinating experience.

Take a Mediterranean escape in Wales

During the 1920s an architect wanted to build a dream village. The Portmeirion village in the northwest of Wales was the result of this dream. This place is unlike any other place in the UK. It has quite a fascinating architecture along with subtropical gardens. However, the best time to visit the place is during winters as not many people come there at that time. This place has become a travel inspiration for many.

Learn how to survive in the woods in the east midlands

This is a travel inspiration for those people who want to get back to nature. If your winter travel plan involves sitting by a fireplace with wine and pie in your hand, then you may pass this one. Every year weekend trips throughout the year are held there. During these, people are taught how to survive.

Go husky sledding in Gloucestershire

If you think that husky sledding is all about gliding through pine forests then think again. This is one-of-a-kind husky sledding that has been started at Croft Farm. The sled looks more like a bike and is pulled by some huskies. You can take both days as well as night trips.

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