Photography has become one of the most important part in our lives. There are different types of photography has come into existence.

Photography is all about creativity and art. It is a unique and powerful medium of expression and communications. Clicking photographs is one aspect of photography, the other being making people have faith in your art of capturing photographs. As if someone hires you it's because they like you and your work. Making people have faith in you is a bit difficult task, yet here is a list of few things you can do to make your customers feel comfortable in front of the lens.

• Be relaxed: Be relaxed and have confidence in yourself and your work. Your confidence will help in building confidence in your client and helps make them comfortable in front of you and camera. The way you speak have a great impact on your clients.

• Give guidance: Most people are not comfortable in front of the camera. You are professional guide your clients about the possible poses that are more flattering. Guide them to be natural and elegant in front of the camera.

• Don't try to be anything you're not. Be yourself. Be natural. Don’t try to over act the things that you can’t do.

• Be always on time and ready to shoot anytime. The best way to approach a shoot is to have already talked to your clients about their expectations, to know the location, and to be prepped and ready to go.

• Be Aware of Boundaries: Everyone is not comfortable being touched. You never know what a person might be uncomfortable with so avoiding this by asking permission first is your best option. Always ask permission before adjusting their hand or brushing someone's hair out of their face.

• Boost the confidence of your client: If your client looks nervous or thinks they doesn't look good, show them the couple pictures to instantly boost their confidence. But make sure you show them good pictures that you are going to give them as final product. Don't forget to give your clients guidance and encouragement along the way, to make them relax.

Last and most important thing is if you are confident enough and know your work very well, act naturally and makes your client feel comfortable and relaxed; helps in developing a friendly atmosphere which makes the photoshooting session easy and relaxing for your client to give natural but realistic poses.

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