The word diet has become one of the most popular and unpopular terms in the English language. Almost everybody goes on a diet to loose weight sooner or later and most people hate dieting.

The reason most people hate dieting is quite obvious: most diets simply don’t work. A person may loose weight during the early stages of the diet while it’s new and hip but gain the pounds back as soon as the novelty wears off.

If this wasn’t bad enough some diets can be down right unhealthy. The very popular and fashionable low carb diets encourage people to eat large amounts of meats and other high fat, high cholesterol foods which can lead to heart attacks and other problems.

Fortunately it is possible to implement a successful and healthy weight loss diet. The first step is to consult with your doctor preferably with your regular physician. Get a full physical so you will be aware of any health problems that could undermine your weight loss efforts.
The next is to find a healthy diet that works for you. The key to successful dieting is to go on a diet that you will stay on. This means you have to find a diet you know you can stay on.

Most fad diets don’t fit this description because they involve exotic or bizarre eating recommendations that most people simply can’t or won’t follow. This means that you should avoid fad diets especially those promoted by Hollywood stars.

Try and find a diet that includes foods that you will actually eat. Since vegetables and fruits are part of a healthy diet find a diet that includes the fruits and vegetables that you like to eat. If you hate broccoli don’t make broccoli a big part of your diet.

One good suggestion by that most people can implement is to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Those who eat breakfast are less likely to snack during the outdoor. Another suggestion is to try and bring lunch to work everyday. Packing a lunch will enable you to control what you eat at work.

Another great suggestion is to eliminate soda pop from your life. Soda pop is little more than liquid sugar so consumption of it will increase your fat. Eliminating the soda will cut hundreds of calories from your diet. Drinking water instead will help you loose weight.

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