As a home owner you need to be concerned and take prompt action if your foundation walls are cracked, bowed, tilted, or buckled. All these are signs of a damaged foundation. Other signs of a damaged foundation include tilting chimneys, uneven floors, cracked floors, jammed doors and windows, and sinking foundation. Since the foundation is the base on which the entire building structure is placed, a damaged foundation can lead to structural damage of your house. To avoid this you need to undertake foundation repair of your Wichita home as soon as possible.

Cheaper Options

Some contractors will offer to replace the damaged foundation, instead of undertaking foundation repair of the Topeka home. This can be expensive and time consuming. To replace the foundation, the contractor needs to raise the home on special supports, dig up the foundation, replace it, and then lower the house. All this involves a lot of labor, costs, and time. It also disrupts your schedule and routine and this does not even account for the possible loud noises involved - if any. On the other hand if you undertake foundation repair, the trained technicians will install specially designed products that will strengthen the foundation walls. This will take only a couple of weeks and not cause that much disruption to your life. This is because the labor costs are lower (less time involved) so you will be able to save money as well.

Safer Options

Apart from being the cheaper option, foundation repair of is safer as well, when compared to replacement. Foundation replacement does not take care of the reasons for the damaged foundation. It only addresses the symptoms. Foundation repair systems designed by structural and geotechnical engineers address the primary cause of the foundation damage - the excessive pressure exerted by expansive soils on the walls. The foundation repair products will not only strengthen the walls but also straighten them over a period of time.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Similarly, a competent basement waterproofing company in Kansas City, Wichita, or Topeka will not just seal the wall cracks and joints through which water enters your basement. They will go to the root of the problem and tackle it. Most basements accumulate water because of water seepage. This occurs because of the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the excess water present in the loose soil around the basement. To ensure that the basement of your Wichita home is waterproof, the contractor will install drains around the basement perimeter and under the basement floor to collect the excess water. This will then be pumped away from your home. This is the foolproof method of keeping water away from the basement.

Further Checks

Only after this is done should the contractor waterproofing the basement seal the cracks and joints and install a dehumidifier. This will ensure that the basement will remain dry for years. An experienced basement waterproofing contractor will also check the pipes from your washing machine and water heater to ensure that they will not leak or burst and what shape they appear to be in. The contractor will offer remedies to prevent burst pipes so that your basement will always be dry. Once you are sure that the basement will be waterproof, you can use it to store things, (valuable, perishable, or not), or finish it to add floor space to your home.

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