Strabismus which is also commonly known as squint is an eye ailment condition wherein the eyeballs are misaligned and point in different directions. The conditions are consulted and treated by squint specialists in Mumbai. The eye condition may occur in a child or in adults too. However, most adults with squint eyes have the condition either since childhood or due to medical problems like Diabetes, Thyroid disease, Brain tumors, Head trauma, Strokes, etc. Misalignment of the eyes can also occur after surgery on the eyes, such as undergoing cataract surgery or retinal surgery causing damage to the eye muscles during surgery.
What are the symptoms of a squint?
The symptoms related to squint eyes, in general, has an adverse impact on the life of people in terms of affecting their self-confidence and making social situations awkward. Unfortunately, there are times they also end up getting mocked at for their looks. Given below are some symptoms of squint eye that you may observe in a person having the eye condition-
• Double vision
• Blurred vision
• Reading difficulty
• Loss of depth perception
Can eye exercises treat squint eye condition?
In some cases, eye exercises may help to resolve the squint eye issue. But a squint eye specialist in Mumbai must first be consulted to analyse the severity of the condition. In cases where the conditions are not too severe, the specialist may suggest a few eye exercises for the treatment of squint eyes. This would include-
• Pencil push-ups
• The Brock string
• Barrel cards
Are there other squint eye treatments suggested by squint specialists in Mumbai?
While eye exercise is one of the basic treatments offered by squint specialists, other treatments include Glasses, contact lenses, injection, or surgery. Glasses or contact lenses help when the squint eye is caused due to eyesight issues like long-sightedness. While injections are used on the muscles of your eye to strengthen the eye muscles. But the effects do not last for long. Surgery on the other hand is the last option suggested by squint surgeons in Mumbai. This involves moving the muscles that control eye movement and correcting the errors.
How is squint surgery performed by the squint surgeons?
Squint surgery is a very common eye operation. Generally, it involves tightening or moving eye muscles that are responsible for eye movement to change the eye position. Squint surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis and can leave the hospital the very same day. The risks from a squint surgery are rare, but sometimes more than one operation is required to achieve the desired results. With squint eye surgery one can restore the alignment of eyes, thereby making the eyes straight, restore binocular vision and facilitate visual development, preserve vision and even reduce the overall eye strain or eye fatigue. Just consult with the right squint eye specialist in Mumbai for the best treatment for eyes and you are sure to see positive results.

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