Almost ever every people need have a job except business man. It is a part of your life facing interview. Only because of some silly mistake we often end up without job from interview board! So here I am try to find the core reasons of not getting job a good job. Let’s see what they in are below:

Your time has been deactivated

Everyone knows that you should never come to a job interview. Correct? This is a serious mistake to overcome, even if you have a good reason to delay. Immediately a manager will assume that he does not take the opportunity seriously or, worse, is simply not reliable.

If he is late, his only possibility of salvation is to possess him. Confirm that he has been late, apologize and thank them for their willingness to continue to see them. You made a mistake, we do it all. It's the way you handle it that will help you look at your character. The worst thing you can do is pretend you did not notice. Believe me, they noticed.

It sounds stupid, I understand. But it is real. He does not want someone who is already upset about his actions to determine whether he is the right candidate for the job; unfortunately, they have probably already decided that you were not present, and will use the interview to justify this decision. It's not fair or logical, but it happens.

You were rude to receptionist

Examine the moment you arrive under the microscope. All your movements will be evaluated. I should not have to tell you that it is polite and kind to do the right thing. Someone once said to me, "It's good to be important, but it's more important to be nice."

Some managers will deliberately ask the receptionist or administrative assistant for their impression of you. Recruitment managers work to build a strong team and a healthy workspace. If you feel that you are not playing well with others, you are not risking the momentum of the team you have already created

Do not follow the instructions

Many companies will ask you to bring some items to the interview. For example, a request, an identification, references, proof of education, 5 million copies of your resume. Anyway, they ask for a reason. If you cannot follow these instructions, or if you apologize for not being prepared, you can bet that this is an indication of how you will respond to the tasks of the job. It was your first task and unfortunately you failed.

Incidentally, failure to follow instructions is one of the main reasons why candidates are rejected during the application phase and never come to the job interview.

You were not polite

The culture of the industry and business will affect the clothes you choose for an interview, but recklessness is carefree no matter where you go. Small things can make a big difference if you only have 20-30 minutes to make a good impression. Neglected hair, wrinkled or patchy clothing, body odor or strong perfume / cologne smells hanging in an unorganized bag are signs that you do not work together.

The stupidity gives the impression that it is not important to you to prepare for it. Many managers also see the lack of Polish as an indicator that they can not trust you to positively represent their group or business.

You shared too much

A job interview is not the place to discuss personal matters. But what happens when a personal question is related to why he has left a position or why there is room in his resume?

The real test here is when you are able to recognize what it is to share. If you divide too much, you risk diverting the interview from your course or not being professional.

Final verdict

Job is very important for live and you should do everything what the job situation demand. We have to avoid above mentioned reasons to get a very good job. I hope these guide will help to be perfect in your interview board.

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