Whether you like to read in an open space, or just relax with closed eyes on your comfortable chair or you like to hold some socialising events in your outdoors, a deck is a fantastic place for all these purposes. But often you are prevented from enjoying all these because there’s no shade over it. The heat of the sun or the tumultuous rains or indomitable snow often make spending time on your deck almost impossible. And how you wish you could have a shade that can protect you!

How variedly can you cover your deck?

If you have a nice little space allotted for your deck, then you are the luckiest person in the world. And by just adding a roof over it, you can increase the functionality and beauty of this space. This not only makes the deck cooler but also gives you a variety of more options to enhance the decor. And to make sure that the roof and the entire space of your deck are well built, contact Top Deck Carpentry for Decking in Perth. They promise you quality work and long-lasting results.

1. The enclosed skylight roof — If you want to add a roof on your deck and don't even want to compromise with the daily dose of vitamin D coming from the sun, then opt for a skylight shed. Its transparent glass provides a clear vision and light, while the shade provides you the coverage you require.

2. A pavilion type of roof — This is famous and trending. It looks classy when the round opening in between the pavilion roof provides a perfect view of the sky. And the rest of the shade can be a blessing when you don’t want that direct light.

3. Install steel panels as a roof — If you want a long-lasting shade for your deck, then even steel seems to be a very good option for the same. Just install the steel panels as roofs, and you can incorporate contemporary sleek décor in your deck to match up to the sensuous steel panels.

4. A stretched tarp — If it is just a temporary solution or you don't want to invest too much, then you can simply stretch a cover -- cloth or a tarp -- to provide you the shade you require as a roof on your deck.

5. Even a straw roof can be astounding — Straw roof is a marvellous way to add that glam quotient to your deck and also provide a unique and elegant roof. Just ensure to pair it with the rustic, eclectic décor for a coordinated look.

These options are truly impressive, and if you want some more fascinating roof options for your deck, then do try a slant roof, or plant some creepers to cover the area wonderfully, or just an A-framed roof. With any of these types of roofs, you can be sure that your deck would look completely astounding and be super functional as well.

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