It seems pretty obvious that stories and searches about ghost and spirits fascinate us more than anything. We might be scared at heart but we always want to know the story, while some people out of thrill also wants to experience it. To write or to know about ghosts people like us watches a lot of documentaries, movies and shows which try to give us a idea about how these spirits exist and how we can communicate to them. It is safe to say that it also strengths our heart and make us a little bit stronger.

Now, this is a universal fact that ghosts only tend to come out in the dark which is usually the night. There is a theory which says that ghosts and other spirits feed off our psychic energy. In the day we are more awake or can say more attentive however at night our inhibitions are slow and minds distracted. So they find a way through our mental energy. So talking about all this you must have got an idea about what we are going to talk about in this article. If not, we are going to talk about the essential ghost hunting tool kits. These ghost hunting tool kits will have all the necessary items which will help you see ghosts and also will give you a way to source their energy.

1.Light- A headlight should be your primary gear in the ghost hunting tool kit. To catch ghosts you need to work at night, and this is what you will need the most. Chose a headlight with red LED. This will give you a much clear view at the night, not compromising your vision. Using a headlight will also make your hands free where you can carry your rest of the equipments. Although, just for backup or safety purposes always carry a torch with you in your ghost hunting tool kits.

2.Cameras- Now, night visions cameras are highly important in your mission. Cameras which can catch any source in even pitch dark situations and can give you a clear view about the spirits around you. To capture a ghost or a spirit a camera should be a must in your ghost hunting tool kits.

3.Mobile Surveillance- Cameras can be of two types. One is the fixed one in your home so that it captures something fishy even when you are not at home. The other type of camera you will need is a mobile camera. A one you can carry around easily. IR night vision is really important and must have feature in your camera.

4.Sound Recorder- Looking at all the ghost movies, we have seen something which plays a major role in capturing a ghost which is a sound recorder. A sound recorder collects sounds and frequencies which is not audible to human ear. Ghost hunting is incomplete without this. So it should be a must tool in your ghost hunting tool kits.

So these are some of the tools which will help you to detect a presence of ghost or spirits. But, you should be extremely cautious and attentive while using these.

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