A truck driver’s job includes cruising along the country’s numerous highways for endless hours. While driving on the roads, you get to discover new faces, places, and experiences that offer something distinct from your daily 9 to 5 desk job.

If you are thinking about starting your career as a trailer or heavy duty truck driver, it requires time and expertise to set your routine how you want it to be. However, don’t worry; the drayage community is always available to provide priceless advice to assist you in getting started.

Since you will be on the road quite a lot, there are some essential things you need to have in your cabin for ease and comfort. Here is a list of must-have items that drivers should keep in their trucks.

7 essentials every truck driver must have

1. Cleaning supplies for trucks

Since the pandemic, people have become more cautious about their hygiene. The same applies to truck drivers too. They have to be extremely careful about their cabin's cleanliness. For a completely spotless and safe cabin, invest in a bundle of cleaning products like a mini trash can, disinfectants, and a dustpan. If there are some hard-to-reach places, such as seat creases, a handheld vacuum makes it simple and quick to suck up the dirt and crumbs from these areas.

2. Travel LED flashlight

When you are driving your trailer or light duty truck over the road, an additional light source always comes in handy to navigate in the dark. It makes it simpler to search for important papers in unlighted areas or to check your truck for any mechanical inadequacies.

Always make sure to buy a durable LED flashlight for long-lasting quality instead of purchasing those small keychain lights.

3. Emergency and First Aid Kit

An emergency kit is essential, and every person should have one all the time. The first should be used for mechanical problems and the second for medical crises. Keep track of the components of each kit, and if anything has been used, ensure to restock it prior to the next trip.

Here is a list of items that should be included in your emergency kit:
● Tire pressure gauge
● Road flares
● Safety vests
● Extra water bottles
● Cones
● Road atlas

4. Water and healthy snacks

It's difficult to keep track of your health on the road, but in today’s age, there is a wide range of resources accessible to truckers for exercising. Furthermore, they can also have nutritious meals by ordering from food delivery partners. Another method to care for your health is stocking up on nutritious snacks like dry fruits, fruit, and vegetables. For storing these things, you can install a mini-fridge or cooler in your trailer or CNG truck.

Also, make sure to stock up on water, as hydration is the key to good health.

5. A good pair of work gloves

When you have to perform a heavy lifting job or get under the truck, you require a pair of efficient and fitting gloves. Thus, if you are looking for one, consider buying quality leather cowboy gloves that provide optimum comfort and are durable.

6. File folder

Truck drivers need organization in their lives, particularly when filing important documents. To do this, update your electronics with up-to-date transportation software and GPS, automate your system as much as needed, and use other office applications to make it hassle-free.

7. Electric skillet

Sometimes cooking your own food on the road can be a wonderful experience. For this, you will require an electric skillet. It's a great way to cook easily while travelling. Not to mention, you can cook a big batch of this tasty dish in just one go. These electric skillets don’t require propane refills and can be cleaned easily without any issues.

You can make your light or heavy duty truck driving experience a wonderful one if you add these above-mentioned lists of essential things.

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