Since long, there has been a custom of presenting an engagement ring as a symbol of Marriage. For the ancient Greeks, diamonds were considered as fragments of stars fallen on Earth. Diamonds are the symbol of fidelity and love, thus the tradition of giving a diamond jewel at the time of commitment has been preserved. The couple in love is very fond of presenting something on the Valentine’s Day, the day of love. What could be better than a diamond ring that will make the moment unforgettable for both for years!

Mother Nature has given us these rare and exceptional stones, born from the strength and the high temperatures inside the crust. Diamonds consist of pure carbon atoms arranged in a cubic arrangement which gives them their extraordinary hardness.

The diamonds have three extraordinary qualities due to which women consider diamonds as their best friends:

1. The quality of reflecting light. When cut, the diamonds catch the light and retain within themselves, and emit the light as a shower of fire and brilliance.
2. It is the purest gem.
3. The hardest known substance on earth, which makes it the best candidate to create jewellery.


A perfect diamond does not have any blemish, line or small pieces of coal, and is very rare to find. These imperfections, also called "inclusions" are microscopic, which are visible by diamond experts and powerful magnifying glasses; however these imperfections do not hinder the passage of light through the stone, and also does not affect her true beauty!

The round cut diamonds are the most popular these days that one can gift to his/her beloved. There are several ways to cut; the brilliant cut is the most popular, which is round. There are also other sizes such as marquise, emerald cut, princess, bob square, heart shaped, pear, oval or triangular, which are also liked by the women.


It is one of the main factors involved in determining the price of diamond jewellery, as not all diamonds are equal and some will have more brilliance or ability to reflect light better than others. To choose the best diamond for your soul mate, you can buy the white diamonds which are loved by every woman, as they go with all types of dresses, as well as every occasion. There are also diamonds available in light hues of yellow and brown, white-blue (very rare and very valuable), pink, green, champagne (available in very soft tones are barely distinguishable from each other), among others. The best way to see the actual color of a diamond is watching it diagonally on a white background.

So you can consider these factors while choosing diamonds for your soul mate, for the occasion that celebrates love. You can take your beloved out for a beautiful dinner, and amidst the dim lights of a candle, present her with a pretty diamond ring and see the glare and the eternal love for you in her eyes.

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