Buying a car has been the symbol of status from years and is speculated to continue till the end of human civilization. Therefore, when it comes to buying a car every person tries to buy a vehicle that is within his reach, equipped with contemporary features, low maintenance and offers higher fuel efficiency. But, buying a dream car is not as easy as it seems to be and a person has to save huge money from his income before driving a personal car to his home. Interestingly, in recent years that has been a substantial increase in the sales of used vehicles.
Used vehicles as the name refers have been already used by someone and then sold in an open market. The main reason due to which an owner of car sales his existing car to another user is to upgrade his car with the new one, and as he do not have substantial funds with him and space for parking a new vehicle in his yard, he sales his present car in the market. So, that the funds received from it can be used for buying a new car.
As far as used cars are concerned, they still have huge potential in them to satisfy the varied needs of an owner of his vehicle, therefore they are highly welcomed by the people who are first time buyers of any vehicle. The major benefit which they enjoy by purchasing a used car is that they can enhance their driving skills without any concern of scratches that would have taken on their newly branded car, which have been quite painful.
Anyhow, if you are also planning to bring any such car for you to drive, then there are certain factors which you should keep in concern, especially about its mechanism. Because, there have been cases in the past where a car that looked quite attractive from exterior had an engine that has re-worked and offers poor performance. Interestingly, if you are little bit smarter then you must be aware about the MOT test, that is imperative for all the vehicles to undergo every year in United Kingdom, that are three years old.
An interesting fact about MOT test is that it briefs about the condition of your vehicle and if any of the parts is not found in proper condition, then the owner is restricted from driving the car on the road until it clears the test. Therefore, if you are buying a used car, then asking for the MOT certificate from the previous owner will help you in understanding the actual condition of your car’s mechanism to a huge extent. Moreover, the certificate will also let you know that the car that you are going to buy is not polluting the atmosphere and is equipped with all those features that will offer you complete safety while driving.
Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here that the getting the MOT certificate from the existing owner doesn’t mean that now the car will not require to undergo the MOT test again during the coming years. It just means that at present the car is suitable to drive for the remaining months of year till its certificate is valid, and once you become its new owner then it will be your responsibility to get it tested from an authorized MOT testing station in Birmingham before the expiry of its certificate.
Anyhow, if you are not satisfied from the existing certificate, then to enjoy a state of mental peace you can take it to some certified station. During the test following points of your car will be tested:
1. The structure of body and its condition
2. The exhaust and fuel system
3. Brakes, tyres, wheels, lights, doors, mirrors, bonnet, and load security
4. Steering and suspension system, seats and seat belts
5. Wipers, washers and windscreen.
Along with this, getting the MOT test will also examine the fuel emissions, registration plate and also the vehicle identification number of the car.
Finally the last but not the least, while asking for the MOT certificate from the existing owner, you should also ask for the certificates that were issued to him earlier, doing this will help you in understanding the mechanical changes that have taken in your car during the course of years.

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