Buying Nespresso capsules is not an easy task. One must be well educated about them before actually making a purchase. As we all know, coffee has some caffeine content and calories that are found in the coffee capsules. Some people often tend to ignore this fact and buy any coffee capsule without considering important information about it.

This article is to help people and educate them about the coffee capsules, particularly Nespresso capsules. Go through the information given below.

Some key details about the caffeine content present in Nespresso capsules:

  1. About 55mg to 65mg caffeine content is mostly present in the capsules used to make Nespresso coffee. Lungo blends have more caffeine content in comparison to others as they offer 20 % more coffee in each capsule. Also, the amount of caffeine varies with the type of coffee and the degree to which coffee beans have been roasted. But, in some cases origin of coffee bean leaves have no impact on the amount of caffeine present in it.
  2. It’s also significant to know that even the decaffeinated coffee have some content of caffeine that remains in it.
  3. Lungo comes with highest content of caffeine in one serving while espresso comes with maximum of caffeine in 40ml serving. There is no direct correlation between caffeine content and intensity of coffee.
  4. Fundamentally, 16 calories are found in each Nespresso capsule. The fat content is 43%, 38% of carbohydrate content and 10% of protein.

About its price:

A sleeve of capsules contains 10 capsules and both Lungo and Espresso cost $6.50 per sleeve. These capsules are easily available in any Nespresso store or shop. You can also order these capsules from an authentic online store.

Facts about the composition of capsules:

Holiday Variations, Grand Crus and Limited Edition blends of Nespresso are free from all allergens like Lactose, gluten and nuts. Moreover, 100% pure coffee is used for making these blends. These coffee capsules can be used with any Nespresso coffee machine.

Sealed in tightly closed containers, there’s no exposure to air and moisture and hence the coffee capsules remain safe and fresh. Any references to milk, cocoa and malt can be seen as the major components of capsule's aromatic profile. They don't indicate the physical components in each capsule, as most of us think. Only naturally extracted ingredients are used in the making of the Nespresso capsules.

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