Every online business, whether small or large has Facebook marketing as an effective marketing tool. Coming forth with specific and lasting excellent practices, can be extremely challenging due to changes in technology and consumer behaviors, alongside the fast pace of social web.

There has been increasing curiosity on the specific applications of social media and websites – this was further confirmed during a recent webinar which focused on social media ROI (Return On Investment).

Here are some of the questions raised in the course of a webinar, with special focus on Facebook.

Q: What are the pointers that Facebook presence adds value to our business or company?

Answer: Whether social media or other online marketing investment, making a decision on which social platform would offer the most excellent benefits as a business begins with understanding some key points listed below:

  • What are the features of the conversation or customer you are pursuing?
  • What hypothesis have you drawn concerning the likely application of Facebook in reaching your goal?
  • What is the most sensible approach to social web when it comes to engaging communities as well as customer personas for the business outcome you desire?

To the degree that you see Facebook as the answer to the above key questions, that is the extent to which Facebook would be a valuable aspect of your social media and online marketing strategy. The questions posed above also apply when it comes to using other social media platforms (other than Facebook) as well as any online marketing tool to grow your business.

Q: Can you actually acquire new customers with Facebook, or is it just about staying in touch with old contacts?
Answer: Bear in mind that the main target when it comes to using social media strategy or embarking on online-marketing is the interaction of customers via content. In a nutshell, having insight into what medium that interests your customers regarding content discovery, sharing and consumption would reveal the answer of this question to you.

How do you find out these customer behaviors? They are usually present on Facebook pages via News Feed, Wall, Liking of content and internal/external linking. Both new and old customers engage on Facebook in various ways, which include advertising-initiated interactions.

The manner your brand conducts itself would determine if you would be able to get the attention of new customers directly via Facebook versus indirectly, or via alternative social media participation.

Q: What is Facebook’s demography?
Answer: Recently, a post was made on Facebook by an expert regarding Facebook demographic, you can search for that post and explore it. But, you can also get reasonable answer to this question in the course of setting up a Facebook ad. When you input a query to identify audience, you are likely to generate valuable information regarding the demographics of Facebook.

Q: Is it a necessary routine to embark on adding to your Facebook page in a specified number of times weekly?
Answer: You can start using Facebook, leveraging certain guidelines that are inspired by successful related efforts. However, such guidelines should be re-touched to meet the needs of your own community. Posting daily on Facebook may be result-oriented to some businesses, while a weekly posting (up to 3 times or more) can work for another business.

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