Like machines,their is a button to control humans too, and that button is EMOTIONS.In our daily life we never notice the importance of emotions,until a sentimental moment occurs!Emotions are the face of heart, and our heart expresses its feelings to others through emotions.

Emotions can change anybody,whether it's love,hatred,revenge etc..these are part of emotions and can change the course of your life.Emotions can be used positively or misused for some mean purpose, but you should utilize emotions to get a better lifestyle. DON'T let emotions control you, control them to get maximized results from it in your professional and personal life.Think positively and spread POSITIVE FLU to people around you to remain motivated every time, this will eventually affect your lifestyle.

Lets first understand the value of emotions in our personal life.Take a simple example,whenever a team wins,the fans celebrate in mobs and make loud cheers.This is a perfect example of "The Flu Of Emotions".

It starts from an individual,who expressed his joy by cheering loudly,it triggers the excited emotions of others and they too participate in his activities, this spreads like a flu to others too, and they participate in the mob to celebrate.This is a simple example of how emotions can spread life flu and make a mob.

Children have the weakest Emotional Quotient or EQ, and are the best targets for product companies,because they know how to spread the product to children through "The Flu Of Emotions".Even the hairstyles and fashion of celebrities are adopted by communities,and "The Flu Of Emotions" plays an important role in spreading it to the society.

Professionals and celebrities effectively use the power of emotions to gain from their fans.Whether by controversies,statements and interviews,every move is targeted towards selling themselves to the public through "The Flu Of Emotions."

But other than this use of emotions,there is another side of emotions in the corporations,where emotions are used to bind people and build bonds among teams.

Leaders in the corporation know how to use the emotions in a positive way to build team reputation and coordination.I've noticed one common way in corporations to build cooperation among the employees.

HOBBIES are the key to build bonds.Teams effectively bind when the team members have common hobbies and share some similar interests.If you are a team leader,you can improve your leadership by sharing common interests with the team,understanding their emotions every time they're in trouble and cheering them whenever they achieve results,whether small or big.

People say business should be professional,but I believe you work in business in professional ethics,but deal with your team personally.Understand their problems every time and try to solve them,this will motivate the employee and increase his efficiency.

THE FLU OF EMOTIONS is an effective way of spreading positive vibe in the corporation.If you're able to adopt the above procedure of team leadership,and spread it to others through "The Flu Of Emotions ", the aura of company would drastically change

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Shakti Pradhan invites everyone on earth to change their life!!He's researched on the lifestyle of many successful people.Fascinated by the implementation of the 7 quotients by them,he's now determined to spread this message to the World through his blog ,about these quotients that can change every individual's life and lead themselves to a more successful and splendid lifestyle.