Rumors are abuzz that the new iPhone 5 is all set for a mid-June release. Regardless of the rumors, here are few features that I’d like to see in the new iPhone 5.

Battery Life: The battery life of an iPhone 5 is a major complaint among all users. Although Apple did try to sort the issue by introducing the iOS5.0.1 update, the performance leaves a great deal to be desired. This is one aspect that should be improved; especially if Apple plans to introduce updated features like Siri.

Flash: Now this is probably something that’s always going to remain in an Apple fan’s wish list. Steve Jobs’ opinion on Flash is more than likely to be passed onto his successors. Agreed that HTML is a better technology that Flash, but the consumer ought to have what he wants! After all it’s just a phone and not an authority to judge our online media experience.

Better design: iPhone fans may find this blasphemous; but honestly, I’d like Apple to revert back to the curvier shape, simply because it sits better on the hand! Ever since Apple introduced the square shaped design, people have been begging for a redesign. Let’s wait and watch if their prayers shall be heard when the iPhone 5 is launched.

Faster performance: The A5 processor is fast enough, but we’re talking about the iPhone here. The A5 just isn’t fast enough! Ever since the A5X quad-core processor was introduced through iPad, fans have been expecting a faster processor in the iPhone5. The A6 processor is sure to be better and faster than the current A5 processor used in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. This is sure to increase performance especially when playing games.

4G LTE: Devices with the latest Windows Phone and Android have switched to 4G LTE for better speed and performance. It’s time for Apple to switch to the 4G connectivity to enjoy speed that is 10 times faster than the normal 3G connectivity. This’ll allow for faster streaming of videos and browsing videos on the go.

Near Field Communications: NFC or Near Field Communication is a platform that allows users to pay through an account that is set up through the phone. Google Wallet is a feature that uses a similar platform. Planning to buy a new pair of shoes? Just wave your phone at an NFC enabled device in the store, and the product is yours! Will the iPhone 5 use this technology? Chances are slim, because if it does, platforms such as these would become commonplace.

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