Adenomyosis is a diffuse or localized lesion of endometrial glands and stroma invading the myometrium of the uterus. Like endometriosis, it is a common and difficult disease in gynecology. Adenomyosis occurs mostly in midwives aged 30-50 years, but also in young women who have not given birth, which may be related to the increase of various uterine cavity operations. About 15% of the patients have endometriosis and about 50% have myoma.

Adenomyosis used to occur in women over 40 years of age, but in recent years it has gradually become younger, which may be related to the increase of cesarean section, induced abortion and other uterine surgery.

Its symptoms are:

1. Menstrual disorders (40%-50%). It mainly manifested by prolonged menstruation and increased menstrual volume, some patients may also have drip bleeding before and after menstruation, severe patients can bring about anemia.

2. Dysmenorrhea (25%). It is seen as a secondary progressive aggravation of dysmenorrhea. It usually appears seven days before menstruation and relieves dysmenorrhea after menstruation. The use of analgesics in the early stage of dysmenorrhea can alleviate pain, however, with the progress of the disease, the dosage of analgesics required for dysmenorrhea increased significantly, making the patients intolerable.

3. Others. About 35% of patients have no obvious symptoms.

For women, in addition to active treatment, but also pay more attention to their diet, to understand which foods can not be eaten, to avoid aggravating the disease.

So, what kind of foods are forbidden?

1. Heated food. Women with adenomyosis are not suitable for heat food. Most of the heated food belongs to the food of tonifying blood, but at the same time, it also plays the role of promoting blood circulation. And adenomyosis can lead to excessive menstrual blood, then eat heat food, it will aggravate the condition, not only will lead to female discomfort symptoms, but also cause anemia. Common heat foods are jujube, longan, donkey-hide gelatin and so on.

2. Spicy and irritating food. Female with adenomyosis are advised not to eat spicy food. Because these foods can aggravate the symptoms of adenomyosis. So when cooking, do not put pepper, green onion, pepper, garlic, and other spicy stimulating food. It is recommended to eat light food and refuse heavy food.

3. Hormone food. Female with adenomyosis have high levels of estrogen in their bodies. If they eat hormone foods again, they will aggravate their condition. Because the higher the estrogen content, the more serious the illness will be, therefore, it is recommended that patients do not eat hormonal foods, such as Royal jelly, honey and so on.

4. High-fat food. High-fat foods not only cause high blood lipids and hypertension, leading to women becoming fat but also exacerbate the condition. Relevant studies have shown that high-fat foods can promote the secretion of estrogen, thereby increasing the stimulation of the uterus, aggravating the discomfort symptoms caused by adenomyosis.

For a female with adenomyosis, besides diet, medication and surgery are also needed for those who are seriously ill. For drug treatment, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used. For patients with no fertility requirements, extensive lesions, severe symptoms, and conservative treatments are ineffective, they can take hysterectomy.

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