These days, spending quality time outdoors is the norm rather than the exception, and that has given rise to the spate of landscaping remodeling and renovations that we see taking place. If you are one of those people who like to spend time in the backyard, nothing is better than a feature water installation that immediately gives your house and backyard a complete makeover. These can have various types and features and let us take a look at some of the interesting ones out there.

  • A sunk pond

A pond can do much to improve the look of your backyard. They are low maintenance and great value for money. You can install koi ponds, and add fish and decorations that appeal to you. It adds a real sense of rest and relaxation, and is one of the greatest ways to add spark to the backyard.

  • A custom creek

You can take the backyard to the next level with this and a custom creek is a great choice for creating garden borders and strategic placement of rocks and boulders can guide water to the retaining pool, where the water gets pumped back again into the creek. It is a soothing choice and very zen!

  • A birdbath

This is another common addition that ensures that colorful, local birds make a pit stop in the backyard to wet their beaks. With the addition of a small water fountain to it, you can ensure that you have a great addition to the yard.

  • A water wall

This is a very convenient installation and a radical way to bring down the temperature on a warm and very sunny day. It is a unique addition to the backyard and with custom built walls placed strategically around the backyard, a soothing and very relaxing environment is ensured.

  • A waterfall

An undoubtedly great addition to the landscaped backyard, a waterfall oozes charm and charisma. Not a lot of people can claim to have a waterfall in their backyards, and with the availability of many different designs, they are excellent additions with great value for money.

  • Artificial rain

Addition of a water screen, with running water in a top beam, gives you rain at the push of a switch. Adding class and style in gallons, it is almost movie like in appeal and attraction. Many different materials can be found that are used to create water screens and it is a classic addition for any backyard, large or small.

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