For centuries, when a person lost all of their teeth, either due to decay or damage, the only options the person had were to continue through life toothless or to have a set of dentures built to replace the natural teeth.  One of the earliest known types of dentures were made of wood – imagine how awful that might have been!  Thankfully, in this modern age, you have another option – dental implants Bricktown!  Before you decide that this option is best though, you might want a little more information.

Basically, dental implants Bricktown replace your natural teeth individually rather than replacing them with large plates such as dentures are.  Once the implants are in place, you can go on about your life and never think about them again (except to brush and floss that is).

About the process itself – if you still have teeth, your dentist Brick NJ will pull any teeth you still have and schedule a follow-up appointment after your mouth has healed from the extractions.  For your follow-up visit, your dentist Brick will start the process of installing the “bases” for your new teeth.  These bases are made of titanium and are inserted directly into your jaw bone.  Of course, you will be given local anesthetic to numb the pain while the bases are being inserted.  Whether your dentist does all of them at once or spreads them out across a few appointments will be between you and your dentist Bricktown NJ.  Once the titanium bases are installed, your new teeth will be attached to them.  The teeth themselves are usually made of porcelain, resin, or ceramic.  After everything is done, you can expect to be sore for a few days but, other than that, you are good to go.

There are many advantages to getting dental implants Bricktown rather then traditional dentures.  For one thing, implants will feel like your natural teeth almost instantly so they are more comfortable in the long run.  Dental implants Bricktown are also permanent and stronger than dentures – you will never have to worry about needing implants replaced due to age or damage.  You will also never have to worry about going in to have them adjusted.  For another thing, there are no limits on what you can eat with implants.  With dentures, things like corn on the cob, raw tomatoes, and chewing gum are off limits for various reasons.  You never have to worry about that with dental implants Bricktown.  And, the truth is, implants are quite affordable too if you go to the right dentist in Brick NJ.  Considering how much better implants are than dentures, it would be well worth any extra money you pay for them.

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