What qualities do highly efficient live chat agents possess?
Faster response time, multitasking, good writing skills, excellent command of grammar and stuff?
Well! That’s what everybody knows! Today, we’ll tell you about the little-known traits of the most successful live chat agents.
Ready? Here you go!

Live chat agents need to have multitasking skills, agreed! They should also know how to navigate the software they are using. Moreover, a familiarity with the shortcuts can help speed up conversations. Flexibility and a zeal to learn new software programs and platforms make a live chat agent efficient enough to deliver satisfactory resolutions.

Critical reading skills:
It’s necessary for the live chat agents to have impeccable writing skills. Similarly, reading skills are also important. As a matter of fact, a chat agent will be able to provide satisfactory solutions if he is able to read through customer’s unstructured queries in the first place. The website visitors may be in a hurry or involved in some other task. They tend to approach the agents with poorly structured queries. So, it’s the chat agent’s critical reading that can actually help him figure out what the customer is saying.

Live chat agents should be focussed. It’s almost impossible to figure out the tone, inflection or emphasize certain words during a live chat session. So, it’s only a live chat agent’s attentiveness that helps provide an exceptional customer experience.

Skill to manage wait time:
Sometimes the customer queries are so complex that they cannot be resolved without a thorough research. Such queries account for the wait time which needs to be managed in a strategic manner. So, the live chat agent needs to be strategic enough to keep the user engaged and provide the best resolution in an effective manner.

Ability to form a personal connection:
Wondering how’s that even possible through live chat? Well, that’s possible if the live chat agents ditch those robotic canned messages and avoid interacting in a robotic way. As a matter of fact, website visitors wish to interact with humans and not machines. So, sympathetic words at the right places and personalized chat responses are all that help make a personal connection.

Do your live chat agents have all these qualities?

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